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23-November-2010 12:13 IST
Digital Films at IFFI



Besides the films made on celluloid, the delegates at IFFI 2010 will now be able to appreciate fims made using digital technology. The festival will feature about 19 films, made on digital format, reflecting the emerging style of digital imagery. The films include 9 films from Cinema of the World and also 10 films in the Indian Panorama section.

The films in the World Cinema Section include a Package on Digital Cinema comprising:


1. New Brooklyn

2. Three Quarters

3. Billy Was A Deaf Kid

4. God Is D_ad

5. Kill The Habit

6. Relatos

7. Holidays

8. Brilliant Love

9. The Red Machine


The Package will be represented by Stephanie Argy and Alec Boehm, the Directors of The Red Machine, Laura Neri, Director, Kill The Habit and Abraham Lim, Director of God is D_ad.


Digital Cinema in the Indian Panorama Section is represented by Four English movies -Achtung Baby (Beware), Leaving Home, Sesh-Asha – The Last Hope and My Daddy Strongest and one each in Tamil- Aval -and Bengali-Rupban. Four films from the North East states including one in Nagamese- Going The Distance- and Three in Manipuri - Numit Tadri (The Sun is not still setting in), Mr. India and The Victims presents the emerging style of film imagery.


With more and more filmmakers embracing the new technology, Digital Cinema is well on its way and is likely to see a greater role in the days to come.