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22-November-2010 15:40 IST
IFFI Pays Homage to the Iconic French film maker Eric Rohmer
IFFI 2010 pays homage to the iconic French film maker Eric Rohmer who passed away during the first half of the year. He was an important figure in the post-war New Wave cinema and a former editor of Cahiers du cinéma. Six significant titles from the Eric Rohmer films are chosen for this.

1. Ma Nuit Chez Maud – My Night at Maud’s (1969)
2. La Marquise D’o – The Marquise of O… (1976)
3. Le Beau Mariage – (1982)
4. Le Rayon Vert – The Green Ray/Summer (1986)
5. Conte De Printemps – A Tale of Spring Time (1990)
6. Conte D’ete- A Tale of Summer (1998)

The package will be represented by Beatrice Romand, lead actor of the film Le Beau Mariage and a close associate of Eric Rohmer.