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Government of India
Ministry of Panchayati Raj
22-November-2010 15:16 IST
Rural Business Hub


                Union Minister for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Dr.C.P.Joshi today informed the Lok  Sabha that    a per the Revised Guidelines of Rural Business Hub Scheme issued on 13.08.2009, the aim of the scheme is to promote at least one RBH in each Block (Intermediate Panchayat) in the Country.  Presently, the scheme aims to develop RBH as a pilot project in the selected Districts of the Country – 250 Districts included under BRGF programme and all the District in eight North Eastern States.  For the implementation / proposal of the project it is the Block Panchayat, and not the Village Panchayat, which is to be taken as a unit. 


RBH is a demand driven scheme and there is no allocation of fund State wise.  A statement indicating the total releases made for the projects in different States during the last 3 Years is at Annexure.


In reply to a written question the Minister said  the Government revised the RBH Scheme in August, 2009, and the maximum financial assistance that can be granted under the Scheme has been increased from Rs.10.00 lakh to Rs.25.00 lakh per proposal. 


According to information available, furnishings have been exported to USA and New Zealand by M/s. Alacrity Exports, Jaipur.  Carpets were exported to USA and Greece by M/s. Jaipur Rugs Foundation, Jaipur.


 Tribal areas falling under BRGF districts and North East Region are covered under the RBH Scheme.  However, in order to further promote the scheme of RBH, this Ministry has identified and conveyed the details of additional 17 activities / projects which can be undertaken under RBH and some of these, as detailed below, aim at promoting the scheme in Tribal Areas: -


(i)           Processing of forest / horticultural project like pickles, rosting, switner from Mahua, herbal medicines etc.


(ii)         Virgin wool processing, sheep rearing etc.


(iii)       Traditional food products (like palm jagary) handlooms, handicrafts) etc.



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