Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers
18-November-2010 19:43 IST
Cabinet approves additional Rs.71.28 crore for Bhopal Gas Leak victims
The Union Cabinet today approved the recommendations of the Group of Ministers (GoM) on the Bhopal Gas Leak Disaster in the matter of payment of ex-gratia to the Bhopal Gas Victims.

The recommendations of the GoM approved by the Cabinet are as follows:

- (i) Payment of ex-gratia to additional 1,703 cases of permanent disability @ ` 5.00 lakh and 1,783 cases of temporary disability @ `1.00 lakh, after adjustment of compensation amount already received by these victims.

(ii) Payment of ex-gratia to 42 cases of 'injury of utmost severity’ @ ` 5.00 lakh after adjustment of compensation amount already received by these victims.

The approval of the recommendations of the GoM will result in Govt. of India providing an ex-gratia payment of ` 71.28 crore to the above cases. This ex-gratia amount is in addition to ` 669 crore which the Govt. has already provided for payment to the specified categories of Bhopal Gas Victims as per its decision in June this year.

The Government had constituted the GoM in May this year to examine all the issues relating to Bhopal Gas Leak Disaster including remediation measures and make appropriate recommendations regarding relief and rehabilitation of the victims and their families.

The GoM, in the first instance, had held meetings during 18-21 June, 2010 and made certain recommendations. The Government had approved various recommendations of the GoM on 24.6.2010. The GoM, in its meeting held on 21.10.2010 reviewed the follow-up action taken by the concerned Ministries/Departments/Govt. agencies on the decisions taken by the Cabinet on 24.6.2010.