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20-June-2020 14:17 IST
Prime Minister Garib Kalyan Package-Progress So Far

More than 42 crore poor people received financial assistance of Rs 65,454 crore under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package

As part of the Rs 1.70 lakh crore Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package, the Government announced free food grains and cash payment to women and poor senior citizens and farmers. The swift implementation of the package is being continuously monitored by central and state governments. More than42crore poor people received financial assistance of Rs 65,454crore under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package.


The progress achieved so far, under various components of PMGKP is as follows:


  • Rs 17,891 crore front loaded towards payment of the first instalment of PM-KISAN to 8.94 crore beneficiaries.


  • Rs 10,325 crore credited to 20.65crore(100%) women Jan Dhan account holders as first installment.Rs. 10,315 crore credited to20.62crore (100%) women Jan Dhan account holders with second installment.Rs. 10,312 crore credited to20.62 crore (100%) women Jan Dhan account holders with third installment.


  • Total Rs 2814.5 crore disbursed to about 2.81 crore old age persons, widows and disabled persons in two installments.Benefits transferred to all 2.81 crore beneficiaries in two installments.
  • 2.3 crore Building & Construction workers received financial support amounting to Rs 4312.82crore.
  • So far 113Lakh MT of food grains have been lifted by 36 States/UTs for April.37.01 LMT of foodgrains have been distributed,covering 74.03crorebeneficiaries by 36States/UTs for April 2020. 36.42 LMT of food grains have been distributed, covering 72.83 crore beneficiaries by 36 States/UTs for May 2020. 13.59 LMT of foodgrains have been distributed, covering 27.18 crore beneficiaries by 29 States/UTs for June 2020. Out of 5.8 LMT of Pulses allocated for three months, 5.68LMT of Pulses have been dispatched to various states/UTs.Total 3.35LMT Pulses have been distributed so far to 16.3 crore household beneficiaries out of 19.4 crore such beneficiaries.28 States/UTs have distributed 100% Pulses for April, 20 States/UTs have completed 100% distribution for Pulses for May, 7 States/UTs have completed 100% distribution for June.


  • Under Atma Nirbhar Bharat, Government announced Free food grains supply and Chana to migrants for 2 months.As on 19th June ,2020, 6.3 LMT foodgrains has been lifted by 36 States/UTs and 34,074 MT of Chana have also been dispatched to States/UTs for the Scheme.
  • Total 8.52 crorePMUY cylinders have been booked and already delivered for April and May 2020 under this scheme so far.And 2.1 crore PMUY cylinders booked for June 2020 and 1.87 crorePMUY free cylinders delivered to beneficiaries for June 2020.
  • 20.22Lakh members of EPFO has taken benefit of online withdrawal of non-refundable advance from EPFO account amounting to Rs. 5767crore.
  • Increased rate has been notified w.e.f 01-04-2020.In the current financial year, 88.73crore person’s man-days of work generated. Further, Rs 36,379crore released to states to liquidate pending dues of both wage and material.
  • 24% EPF contribution transferred to 65.74 Lakh employees account amounting to Rs. 996.46crore
  • Under District Mineral Fund (DMF), States have been asked to spend 30% of the funds,which amounts to 3,787 Cr and that 183.65 cr has been spent so far.
  • Insurance Scheme for health workers in Government hospitals and Health care centers operationalized w.e.f. 30 March, 2020. New India Assurance Scheme is implementing the scheme. The Scheme has been extended up to September.


Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package

Total Direct Benefit Transfer till 19/06/2020



Number of Beneficiaries


Support to PMJDY women account holders

1st Ins - 20.65 Cr(100%)

2ndIns –20.63 Cr

3rd Ins -20.62 (100%)

1stIns –10,325 Cr

2ndIns – 10,315 Cr

3rd Ins –10,312 Cr

Support to NSAP (Aged widows, Divyang, Senior citizen)

2.81 Cr (100%)

2814 Cr

Front-loaded payments to farmers under PM-KISAN

8.94 Cr

17891 Cr

Support to Building & Other Construction workers

2.3 Cr

4313 Cr

24% contribution to EPFO

.66 Cr

996 Cr


1st Ins – 7.48

2nd Ins – 4.48

8488 Cr


42.84 Cr

65,454 Cr