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Government of India
Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.
21-March-2017 18:27 IST
Environment Ministry Celebrates International Day of Forests in Collaboration with Department of Environment, Delhi Government

‘Forests and Energy’ Central Theme of Celebrations

International Day of Forests was celebrated here today, with ‘Forests and Energy’ being the central theme of the celebrations.  Addressing a gathering, comprising mainly of school children at Asola Bhati sanctuary in Tuglakabad, Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Shri Ajay Narayan Jha said that there is a mutual relationship between forests and energy.  Shri Jha pointed out that the water level of the Earth increases because of forests.  “We must look at ways to prevent the cutting of forests.  The challenge before us is to make available energy at affordable cost to the people.  The Government is paying full attention to this challenge”, he added.   Director General, Forests and Special Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Dr. S. S Negi said, “We are fortunate that there are forests around us.  We are surviving because of these forests and the forests are preventing the desertification from being extended.” 

International Day of Forests is celebrated on March 21 every year, the world over. This celebration brings into focus the role of forests in safeguarding the ecological security and livelihood of millions of people all around the world. Forests provide clean air, water and energy. Sustainably managed forests can provide renewable and carbon neutral energy for a greener future.

This theme of this year’s celebration is Forests & Energy has been chosen by the United Nations to highlight the importance of wood energy in improving people's lives, powering sustainable development and mitigating climate change. Wood is a major renewable energy source.  Wood provides the world with more energy than solar, hydroelectric or wind power. Almost 300 million people in India depend on the forests for their livelihood.

It has been proved that trees in urban areas can cool the air by between 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. The Wood energy also mitigates climate change and fosters sustainable development. Globally, forests hold energy content approximately 10 times that of the world’s annual primary energy consumption.

Greater investment in technological innovation and in sustainably managed forests is the key to increasing forests’ role as a major source of renewable energy. In this way, we invest in our sustainable future, in meeting several Sustainable Development Goals and in growing a green economy.


This year’s campaign theme highlights the vital energy inherent in India’s forests, including the various cultural, ecological & livelihood benefits. 

Children from schools of adjacent localities presented a ‘Prakriti Vandana’ on the occasion.  The children also enacted a skit to highlight the role of nature in human life.  A Nature Trail was also inaugurated on the occasion and saplings were planted to mark the occasion. A poster was also launched to mark the International Day of Forests and prizes were distributed to the school children. 

Officers from Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, officials from Department of Environment, NCT of Delhi and representatives of Eco Battalion were also present on the occasion