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19-December-2016 18:37 IST
Indian Railways Plan of Action To Promote SHGs

Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu in Rail Budget Speech 2016-17 announced “Self-help groups not only provide employment to women but also respect and dignity. IRCTC has begun the process of empanelling Self-help groups for providing catering/cooking services. We are partnering with NABARD to provide support and access to our IRCTC website to ensure extensive e- marketing for products produced by the Self-help groups which would lead to increase in rural incomes.”

In line with this announcement, Minister of Railways, reviewed plan of action with all stakeholders on 17 December 2016 to promote SHGs. Participants of the meeting include representatives from IRCTC, NABARD, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC). In the meeting the process of empanelment was explained to SHG’s and NABARD was asked to help the SHG’s in establishment of kitchen and getting FSSAI and VAT certificate for the SHG’s. Proposed plan of action was finalised with NABARD in this meeting.

Plan of Action to promote SHGs:

       Indian Railways will provide support and access to IRCTC’s website.

       NABARD will ensure extensive e-marketing.

       NABARD will develop a website.

       All information of SHG’s and their products can be seen on this Website.

       Customer can order any of the articles/products on the same website.

       IRCTC to provide link to this website at all of its various existing service websites.

       IRCTC is tendering for installation and operation of Water Vending machines on platforms.

       D and E class stations are being earmarked for Self Help Groups.

       This will help in boosting morale by providing alternative source of earning to Self Help Groups.


Earlier Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu launched a pilot project at Sawantwadi Road Railway Station of the Konkan Railways in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra on 3rd December 2016 in which a Railway PSU IRCTC roped in Self Help Groups to make local cuisines available through e-Catering services of IRCTC, in association with  National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). The SHGs who were roped in were those which were formed by MAVIM - Mahila Arthik Vikas Mahamandal, and Lupin Human Welfare Research Foundation in the Konkan region which helped in bringing the delectable Konkani cuisine on e-Catering platform. It has been noticed that this had helped in generating local employment, empower women and ensure inclusive growth.

Indian Railway Boards Policy Provision for SHG:

       Provisions have been made in the draft catering policy 2016 with respect to empanelment of SHGs by IRCTC for providing catering related services. As IRCTC can outsource its backend operations, IRCTC has been enabled to use the services of Self Help Groups for support staff, service staff, cooks, transportation, packaging etc.

       SHGs have been made eligible to participate in the allotment process of General Minor Units (GMUs) at D, E & F category of stations.


Self Help Groups (SHGs) empanelled under E-catering scheme.

                      i.        Vijayawada Jn.:- Shri Vani

                    ii.        Visakhapatnam: - Sri Srinivasa

                   iii.        Anakapalli: - Sri Srinivasa

                   iv.        Tuni: - Sri Srinivasa

                    v.        Mysore:-Spoorthy Jan Abhivrudhi Samsthe

                   vi.        Ernakulam:-  Cafe Kudumbashree

                  vii.        Ernakulam Town:- Cafe Kudumbashree

                viii.        Saugor:- Laxmi Mahila Mandal (May’ 2016)

                   ix.        Saugor :-Sanskar Mahila Mandal (May’ 2016)

                    x.        Saugor :-Prayas Swa-Sahayata Sangatham (May’ 2016)

                   xi.        Saugor :-Siddhivinayak Swa Sahayata Samuha Sagar (Nov’ 2016)

                  xii.        Sawantwadi:-Maher Lok Sanchalit Sadhan Kendra (CMRC) (Aug’ 2016)

                xiii.        Adra:- Manorma Pariseba Sambay Samity Ltd.


SHG's for which empanelment under process for E-Catering services

                      i.        Howrah:- Tapan Smriti Mahila Sangha

                    ii.        Shalimar:- Mother Teresa Mahila Sangha

                   iii.        Shalimar:- Narna Satadal Sangha

                   iv.        Santragachi:- Mother Teresa Mahila Sangha

                    v.        Santragachi:- Narna Satadal Sangha



 Proposed installation & operation of Water Vending Machines through SHGs


D Category

E Category

F Category

No. of Stations




No. of WVMs




Expected earning for SHGs

Rs. 10,000/- per month

Rs. 10,000/- per month

Rs. 10,000/- per month