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13-November-2016 21:49 IST
English rendering of PM’s address at Foundation Stone Ceremony of Mopa Green Field International Airport & Electronic City at Tuam in Goa

Sri Laxmikant Ji was saying that I came from Japan late in the night and in the morning I am here at your service. From here, I will go to Karnataka, then from Karnataka I’ll go to Maharashtra, and late at night I also have a meeting in Delhi. After becoming the Prime Minister, if I had stayed for more than one night in any state then it is here at Goa.  Today, I want to congratulate and express my gratitude to lakhs of people of Goa, I want to congratulate the Government of Goa, Manohar Ji, Laxmikant Ji, and their whole team.

           After many years, a huge international event was organized here in Goa, the BRICS Summit, and it was planned in such a spectacular way that today all the big leaders of the world have only one name on their tongues - Goa, Goa and Goa. Therefore, I congratulate all the Goa-ites, the Chief Minister of the Goa Government, Manohar Ji and all his colleagues, because this has not only enhanced the pride and prestige of Goa but of the entire India and if this thing happened because of you then obviously you all deserve to be congratulated.

            Brothers and sisters, it's a matter of great happiness for me. You may have seen how political instability has ruined Goa. You know what all used to happen, this or that thing all the times. This political instability that Goa had, it never gave an opportunity to Goa and to the people of Goa to flourish to their full potential. I would specially congratulate Manohar Ji who brought a new political culture and because of that he also had to bear a lot, and lose a lot of good friends. But the only intention is to take Goa to new heights, stability in Goa, and to give a government that is there for five years which runs on policies for the development of Goa and for public welfare. He has done that and Goa has benefitted immensely by the stable government from 2012 to 2017. That is why the two parties here which are running the government together and the biggest thing is political stability because providing stable government is in the hands of the people and the people of Goa have understood the power of a stable government, I congratulate them and the people of Goa for this thing and I praise them.

            I am so delighted today.  I am the Prime Minister and you all know to which party I belong,  you also know to which party Laxmikant Ji and  Manohar Ji belong, if we praise each other then people will say, it’s   obvious, you all will praise each other. But I am glad that about a week ago an independent agency, a very large media house, examined the conditions of small states of India. They conducted survey on different parameters and today I'm happy that these colleagues of mine have made Goa a shining star among all the small states of India. Whether it is the issue of social security among all the small states of the country or the issue of health or be it in the area of infrastructure, they have taken Goa to newer heights very fast and made Goa number one. And this is because of the contribution of the people of Goa only, without which it would not have been possible. So today on this occasion, it will not be enough no matter how much I thank them, I congratulate them.

          When I was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Manohar Ji was the Chief Minister here. I will tell you a secret. If anything needs to be told in ten sentences Manohar Ji will tell that thing in one sentence so sometimes it is difficult to understand. He believes that people have understood. Now he is from IIT and I am a common man. But when I was in Gujarat as a Chief Minister, I used to study his plans, and I used to see how he understands the problems of the poorest of the poor people, and how he would find solutions for them, for each of his schemes which were later also taken forward by Laxmikant Ji. When I saw Grih Aadhar Yojna for women having an annual income of less than Rs 3 lakh, a help of Rs 1500 was given to each one of them. Many states of India may not even be aware that such a scheme was started in Goa. Dayanand Saraswati Suraksha Yojna for Senior Citizens, around 1.5 lakh senior citizens get a benefit of Rs. 2,000 per month. All these things are available nowhere else in India, they are available here in Goa only. Brothers and sisters, Ladli Laxmi Yojna, Goa and Madhya Pradesh have started and under the scheme each girl who attains the age of 18 years she gets relief of one lakh rupees. Today, our 45,000 daughters have been entitled to this thing in Goa.

         Goa did a great job, just look at the vision of Manohar Ji and Laxmikant Ji. Today the foundation of Electronic City is being laid here but before that, what kind of young talent would be required to make it successful keeping that in mind these two gentlemen started a campaign to connect our youth with the digital world through the Cyber Students Scheme. I want to congratulate them for this vision. We all know how expensive it could be to get sick and how difficult it is for poor people when they become sick. It has been the specialty of our Goa government that through Deendayal Health Service, around two lakh twenty five thousand families i.e. almost all the families of Goa got a security cover of Rs. Three lakhs per year. This government has cared about their health too. Be it a farmer, be it a fisherman, there are a lot of plans and in a way, this is for the good of the people. The Goa which is progressing on the path of development, Prime Minister of the country also enjoys to come here and feels proud to bow down here.

         Three projects are starting  today. Mopa new green field airport. Perhaps the people of Goa who are 50 years old today, since the time they became aware about these things, they have been hearing that one day an airport will be built in Goa, aeroplanes will come, people will come and tourism will grow. Have you heard it or not ? Tell me.  All the previous governments have said it or not, all the political parties have said it or not? But once elections get over, airplanes went to their own places and Goa remained as earlier. Did it happen or not, friends please tell me? Today I am glad that the promise that Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji had made, I got the opportunity to fulfill that promise today. And it is not only that new airplanes will fly in the sky and they will come to your new airport. Population of Goa is 15 lakh and after the development of this system three times the population of Goa, you are 15 lakh people, so three times means approximately 50 lakh people will start coming to Goa. You can imagine how much tourism will grow and growth of tourism of Goa means that this is the most capable place to give new strength to the tourism sector of India, and we know it very well. Facilities of Goa will surely increase moreover it will also increase facilities for people of Goa and I believe that thousands of young people here will get employment during its construction. I can see that after its completion it will provide a very big opportunity to the tourism industry and economy of Goa.

         Brothers and sisters, today foundation has also been laid here for an electronics manufacturing city. Please do not think that just an industrial estate is being developed. Very few people will understand what the construction of Electronic Manufacturing City means. In a way, mark my words brothers and sisters, I am seeing that today the foundation is being laid for a Goa of 21st century which is digitally trained and youth driven based and is a modern Goa. Foundation is being laid for such a Goa which is digitally trained, a Goa which is driven by youth, which would be a modern Goa and it would be technologically capable Goa and that Goa would not be only for the economy of Goa or for the employment of the Goan youth. I can see that Goa will become a power house which will change the face and feature of India. This initiative is going to impact the whole of the 21st century.

         Brothers and sisters, these apart, today we are going to take up another very important project. We have been clear that India should stand on its own in the field of security. The country has been independent for 70 years and we don’t want to be dependent on someone’s gratuitousness. We will live on our own and if we have to die, we will die for our people and for our honor. What is the reason that the country which has 1800 million youth, 1800 million young people under the age of 35, has fiery, smart, and intellectually talented people, has innovation, technology, has everything but yet for our security we have to get everything from outside. Today in Goa, an important step is being taken in the direction of Make in India and in the field of maritime security.


             Brothers and sisters, today I would like to express special thanks to Goa. It is said about Akbar that there were Navratnas (Nine Gems) in his Darbar and Akbar's tenure is discussed in connection with those Navaratnas and their characteristics. I am fortunate that there are many gems in my team and one shining gem among those has been given to me by the people of Goa and the name of that gem is Manohar Parrikar. After many years, country has got a Defense Minister who has toiled day-night to find solution for the 40 year old problem of our army. Had it not been the courage of Manohar Parrikar then the 40 year old issue of One Rank One Pension of our armed forces, who are always ready to sacrifice themselves at the altar of nation, would still have been pending. I congratulate Manohar Ji and express my gratitude that you gave Manohar Ji to me, gave me such a capable person. From quite some time, there was no defence minister in the country about whom the questions have not been rasied. As my colleague I would like to congratulate Manohar Ji, I have got a great partner but I would also like to congratulate the people of Goa that they made a person like Manohar Ji for this country and I salute Goa for this thing.

             Brothers and sisters, this Mine Counter-measure Vessels Program, MCMP is going to play a very important role in India’s maritime security. It would not only be giving employment to the people, it will also be working for the development of the area.

             My dear brothers and sisters of Goa, I want to talk about some more things with the people of Goa today. On the 8th at 8.00 clock, crores of people went to bed to have a peaceful sleep and lakhs of people were looking for sleeping pills, but those were not available.

          My dear countrymen, at 8 o’clock on the 8th I took an extremely important step towards the fight that our country is fighting, that every honest person is fighting, that I am fighting against black money and against the corruption. But there are some people who are lost in their own thoughts. If they measure someone with their measurement criteria and if someone does not fit in it then they believe that something is wrong.

             If the economists of this country, those who analyze policies of this country, had they changed the scales of measurement that were used for old governments, old leaders, after my arrival then this problem would not have come up. They should have understood that a government has been elected by the country which has certain expectations from it. You tell me, brothers and sisters, in 2014 did you vote against corruption or not? You tell me, did you not ask me to do this work, did you not ask me to work against black money? And if you had asked, should I do it or not? You tell me that when you asked me to do this, you also knew that if I did this then there would be at least some trouble, didn’t you know that? It was not that sweets will come to the mouth just like that, everyone knew. Immediately after the formation of this government, we formed a special investigation team i.e. SIT under the leadership of a retired Supreme Court Justice. Wherever in the world this business is going on, the team is working on it and every six months it is reporting to the Supreme Court. Previous governments kept on stalling that work but we did it. We have a saying, brilliance of child is visible at early age. When I made such a big and hard decision in the cabinet on the very first day, was it not obvious that later I’ll be doing this kind of thing? Did I hide anything? No, I did not. Every time I have said this thing and today I am giving you the details. The country is listening to me, I have never kept the country in dark, I have never beguiled the country, I spoke openly and honestly.

          Brothers and sisters, the second important task was that in the last 50-60 years there were such agreements with the other countries of the world because of which we were stuck and we were not able to get any information. It was very important for us to change the agreements that we have had with the other countries of the world. We signed agreements with some countries. I succeeded in convincing a country like America to make an agreement with us that whenever any money comes or goes to their banks from any Indian, we would get to know about that immediately. I have done this thing with many countries of the world; and it is still being under progress for some other countries. But anywhere in the world, if any money that has been stolen or looted from India goes to any country, we have done good arrangements that that information is provided to us immediately.

              We know, you also know that there are flats of Delhi bureaucrats here in Goa. Isn’t it so? I do not have any complaints from the builders of Goa, it is their job to sell houses, but none from whose seven generations ever lived in Goa, who were born somewhere else, and who are now working in Delhi, a big bureaucrat, bought flat in Goa, in whose name? They don’t buy it in their own names, they buy it in someone else’s name, don’t they? We have made a law that whatever property is in the name of others, i.e. benami property, we are going to attack such properties through law. Such property belongs to the country, it belongs to the poor of the country and my government’s only duty is to help the poor people of this country and I will definitely do it.

             We have seen that whenever there is a marriage in the household or some other auspicious occassion, jewelry is purchased.  Be it a wife's birthday, jewelry or gold is bought and even jewelers are like that: no issues sir, bring a bag full of money and get it. No bills, no accounting, nothing.. Was this going on or not?  Everything was transacted in cash or not? Was this done by the poor people? Should this stop or not? We made a rule that if you buy jewelry for more than two lakh rupees, then you will have to give your PAN number. This was also opposed. You would be surprised that more than half the Parliament Members came to ask me that Modi Ji please do not make this rule and some of them even dared to write a letter in this regard.

               The day I will make it public, I do not know if they will be able to go to their area or not. If you have money, you buy gold and gems, we just ask that you please provide your PAN number of income tax. At least we should know who buys it, where does the money come from and where does it go? Brothers and sisters, this is a 70 year old disease which I have to get rid of  in 17 months.

               Brothers and sisters, we did another job, which earlier governments also did. These jewelers, who mostly do business in gold, there was no excise duty on them. Earlier governments also tried to levy it, albeit very little. But all the jewelers, and the number of jewelers is very less, there are hardly only one or two jewelers in any village, and in big cities there would be 50 or 100, but they have enormous power. Such big MPs are in their pockets and when I levied excise duty on jewelry such immense pressure was put on me. Pressure from MPs, delegations, our known ones, sir income tax people will plunder them, they will destroy them. They used to tell such stories that I also got scared that if I did this thing then I don’t know what all will happen. I said, let’s make two committees, we will discuss it. So from government’s side we made a committee of those people on whom they had trust, earlier governments had to take back this initiative. See, I want to run country with honesty and I did not take it back and I assured jewelers that no excesses will be done onto them, if any income tax person does some excess onto you then record that on your mobile and I will work against such people. We took this step, those who were aware of this thing, looking at all these things wasn’t it became obvious what Modi is going to do next? But they all were so busy in their own  worlds and thought that like all other political parties he will also come and eventually go. My brothers and sisters, I am not born for any chair. My countrymen I have left my home, my family, everything for my country.

             On the other hand we emphasized on this thing also. There are some people who had to do wrong things due to certain compulsions. Not everyone is dishonest, everybody is not a thief, they might had to compromise on certain things, and if they get an opportunity then they are ready to come back on the right track. This number is very big. We brought a scheme before people that if they have money from such dishonesty, then they should deposit it under IDS law, pay applicable penalties, and I have not given any exemption in that also but businessmen are very clever in understanding things. They understood that this is Modi, he will do something or the other. You would be glad to know that during these 70 years after independence, similar schemes were brought several times but this is for the first time people had deposited 67,000  crore rupees including penalties and in two years through total surveys, raids, and declarations 1.2 lakh crore rupees which were nowhere in the picture has been deposited in the government coffers. Balance of the account has come to 1.2 lakh crores, this is the details of the work done in the last two years which I am providing to the whole country from the land of Goa.

             After that we knew what we had to do. We had opened Jan-Dhan accounts. When I introduced this scheme, you may remember the way I was ridiculed, the kind of speeches that were made in the parliament. Don’t I know what all was being said? They felt that if we pull Modi’s hair he will get scared. Even if you burn Modi alive, Modi will not be scared. Initially when we came, we did one thing, we opened bank accounts of poor people through Prime Minister Jan-Dhan Yojna. At that time, people did not understand why Modi is opening bank accounts. Now people will understand what are going to be the benefits of these bank accounts.

                 More than 200 million people opened bank accounts. Rich people in India have credit and debit cards of different banks in their pockets. Poor people could not even imagine that there was such a card which could give something, it was not known to them. Brothers and sisters, it is not that only bank accounts have been opened in the Prime Minister’s Jan Dhan Yojna, we have given Rupay debit cards to 200 million people of this country and we did all these things around one year ago. From that debit card, if they have money in their accounts, they can purchase anything from the market, this facility is also available in that card. But people thought no-no just like every other political gimmick this would also be some political thing. I was gradually giving different medicines to improve the economic health of the country, I was slowly increasing the dose.

             Now, brothers and sisters, look at the richness of the poor people of my country, I had told them that they have to just set their foot inside the bank and they can open bank account with zero balance as they all should be present somewhere in this economic system. But friends look at the richness of our country’s poor people. These rich people who cannot sleep at night, see the richness of our poor people. I had said that they can open a bank account with zero balance, yet poor people of my country have deposited Rs 45 thousand crore in Jan Dhan accounts in banks. We must acknowledge the power of ordinary residents of the country. Rupay card was given to 20 crore families, still some people would not believe. They believed that some political tokenism will be done and the issue will be resolved. We secretly did a very big operation, I cannot do what Manohar Ji did. I was involved in this task for ten months, I made a small group of trusted people because printing and delivering so many new notes was a very big thing. To hide things and keeping them secret was very difficult otherwise these people are such that had they found out it then they would have made all their arrangements.

          And friends, at 8.00 clock on the 8th took a new step to make country’s star shine bright. That night I had also mentioned that because of this decision there will be problems, inconveniences and difficulties, I said this on the very first day. But brothers and sisters, I bow in front of the millions of people in the country today that when people line up at the theaters of the cinema even there could be a fight. I am seeing all around from the last four days that there is no place to stand in the queue for money but everyone is saying in the same voice, yes, inconvenience is there and it is hurting our feet but it is good for our country so let it be.

              I want to publicly salute all the bank employees today. In a year, mark my words, the amount of work any bank employee has to do in a year, they have been doing more than that in the last one week. I felt happy. I saw in social media that retired bank employees, 70 or 75 years of age, they went to the bank and said, Sir we have retired, but we know the work and if you want to give us some responsibility in this sacred work then we are ready to serve. I want to salute all such retired bank employees who have gone to their old branches to offer their services to help. I salute them.

           I also want to salute those young people who are providing drinking water at their own expenses to the people standing under the sun outside in the queue and to those who are running with chairs for Senior citizens to sit in them. The young generation of the country, especially around this time, has been working to make this work a success. The reason for the success of this thing is not Modi's decision of 8.00 clock on the 08th. The reason for the success of this thing is that 1.25 billion people, barring a few lakhs, are engaged in this with all their might, so brothers and sisters this scheme is definitely going to be successful.

            I want to tell you one more  thing. Tell me, do all the political parties work to prepare voter list or not. All the government employees, the teachers, do they work or not? Even then, on the day of polling, don’t we hear complaints that my name is not in the list, my society’s name is not in the list, I am not being allowed to vote. Isn’t it so?

               Brothers and sisters, during the election what do we have to do, just press the button and come back, only this much has to be done, isn’t it? Even then, election work takes around 90 days in this country and in it all the police machinery, CRPF, SRP, BSF, every employee of the government, crores and crores of political party workers work day and night for 90 days, then only election of such a large country as ours is concluded. It takes 90 days. Brothers and sisters, I've asked for only 50 days from the country. Brothers and sisters, give me time till the 30th December, if after 30th December there is anything that I am lacking, if you find any mistake of mine, if my intent comes out to be wrong, then I am ready to stand at whatever intersection you will ask me to and I will face any punishment which my country will choose for me.

             But my fellow countrymen, the world is moving ahead. This disease of India is destroying our country. 800 million, 65 percent young people under the age of 35, their futures are at stake. That is why my brothers and sisters, those who want to do politics should do that, those who have been robbed can keep on crying and have been making dirty accusations, but my dear honest countrymen please come with me, just 50 days, after December 30, I promise to give you the kind of Hindustan that you wanted.

             If someone suffers, I am also pained.  Brothers and sisters, I know the problems of my countrymen, I understand their misery, but these sufferings are only for 50 days. After 50 days, we will become successful in cleaning and once the cleaning is done then I do believe that even a small mosquito would not come. I have started this fight on the trust of honest people and I believe in the power of honest people, I am confident, I have complete faith. You cannot imagine the kind of people whose money has sunk. Mother Ganges is also wondering, those who did not put even a dime, today they are blowing currency notes. That poor widow mother blesses Modi, the son and daughter-in-law, who never visited her came yesterday as they had to deposit 2.5 lakh rupees in the bank account. The blessings of those poor widowed mothers will push the celebration of nation's success and you people have seen, 2G scam, coal scam, billions and trillions of rupees, you do know all that, now they have to stand in queue for four thousand rupees.

               If the love of hundreds of millions of people were not there, had they not have faith in me, several governments would come and go by now, brothers and sisters, but the country’s future is bright. We may have to undergo some troubles for country’s bright future. I am sometimes surprised. Just yesterday a journalist spoke to me. I said, you call me day and night saying Modi Ji, we must have war. I said what you would do if there would be problems. Electricity will stop, things will stop coming, trains will be canceled, army will be moving in trains, you will not be able to go on trains then what will you do? He said, does it happen like that? It is very easy to say things, it is easy to preach, when you make decisions then there should be no problem to the common man.

            I want to tell my fellow countrymen one more thing. These days many people do not have the courage to speak against corruption and black money because whoever says something is apprehended, something seems fishy. Isn’t everybody is saying this with a smiling face, no, whatever Modi Ji did is good. Later they will call some friend and ask, buddy is there any way? That friend will say, no buddy, Modi Ji has closed all the avenues. So now they would spread rumors. One day a rumor was spread that salt has become costly. Now tell me who goes to buy salt with 1000 or 500 rupee notes. This is done because they know their money is being robbed that was hoarded in last 70 years, they used costliest of the locks but now there are no takers. Now even the beggars deny saying 1000 rupee note would not do.

          Brothers and sisters, honest people have no problem. I don’t know if it is true but there are discussions that some people are selling their old 500 rupees currency notes in 450 rupees, some are even selling at 300 rupees. I would like to tell my countrymen that nobody has the powers to reduce even a single paisa from your 500 rupees. Your 500 rupees surely means four hundred ninety nine rupees and 100 paise. Do not indulge in any such business. Some dishonest people might tell you that stand in queue and get 2000 rupee notes, that you will also get something.

             Brothers and sisters, this is my request to all of you. It is possible that you might not be aware about it that  your uncle, maternal uncle, father, brother who are dead now, might have done something, there is no fault of yours, you just go and deposit it in the bank, pay whatever penalty is levied and come to the mainstream. It is good for everyone. I would say one more thing. If some people believe that they will see to it later then they don’t know me. I will open all their secrets since the country became independent. Those who have this from dishonesty, they must now believe that it is just a piece of paper now, they shouldn’t try too hard. Otherwise even if I had to employ one lakh new people, I will do that and deploy them on this very task but this business that has been going on in the country, it has to be stopped and people understand me now. Till now they did not understand but when a heavy dose was given now they understand. But this is not full stop, I am saying it openly that this is not the full stop. I have many projects running in my mind to stop corruption and dishonesty in the country, which are going to come soon. I am doing this for the honest and poor people of my country who are living by working hard. They should get their homes, their children should get good education, the elders in their homes should get good healthcare, I am doing it for that.

             I want the blessings from the people of Goa. Bless me by standing up and clapping and the country will see the honest people. There is no shortage of honest people in this country. Come and join me in this work of honesty. Bravo, my brothers and sisters of Goa, I bow my head to salute you. It is not just Goa, it is the voice of every honest person in India.

          Brothers and sisters, I know the kind of forces against whom I have picked up this fight. I know what kind of people will go against me. I know I am robbing them from what they have hoarded in 70 years, they will kill me, they will ruin me, they can do whatever they want. Brothers and sisters, please help me for 50 days, please help me for 50 days. Accept this thing with a loud applause.

Many-many thanks.