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10-September-2016 14:21 IST
Indian troops finest in the world, look after their welfare, President tells Army Officers (September 9, 2016)

The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee attended a Presidential Dinner hosted in his honour at the Officers Training Academy, Chennai yesterday (September 9, 2016).

Addressing the Officers, the President said the journey of Officers Training Academy, Chennai which began in 1963 is embellished with the acts of great valour and heroism.

The President called upon the officers to remember that the troops they command are the finest in the world. In addition to leading them well in operations, it is their duty to look after their welfare and ensure the best possible quality of life for them. They must lead by example and always ‘Walk the Talk’.

The President said the Indian Army is in the midst of a transformation and needs agile, adaptive leaders with a broad perspective and wide range of skills. In an era, where they will face the full spectrum of conflict, ranging from high intensity combat, peace time soldiering, peace keeping, humanitarian intervention, counter terrorism and insurgency, low intensity conflict, all in rapid succession or even simultaneously – India needs military leaders, equal to the challenge! They will be expected to make sound and ethical decisions in operational and other difficult situations in a split second. They have to train hard to achieve this competence.