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05-September-2016 19:10 IST
Chinese Delegates Discuss the Spirit of Chinese Cinema at the BRICS Film Festival

The Chinese government gives great importance to BRICS Film Festival and hopes that it will help in bringing fruitful cooperation in economic, social and other areas among the member countries. The Chinese delegation comprises of 40 members which shows the level of importance China gives to the grouping. This was stated by Mr. Zhou Jiandong, Deputy Director General of Film Bureau of China while interacting with the media here today. Mr. Jiandong further stated that China produces almost 650-700 feature films annually. The box office was 6.8 billion USD last year and the urban accumulative attendance was 1.26 billion.

The cast and crew from the competing movies of China in the festival shared their stories, ideas and experiences in a press gathering today. Present at the conference were Mr. Huo Jianqi, Director, ‘Xuan Zang’, Mr Zhou Baolin, Vice President of China Film Cooperation Limited and Co- Producer, ‘Xuan Zang’, Ms. Wu Yuan Yuan, Scriptwriter, ‘Go Away Mr. Tumor’ and Ms. Wu Yan Yan, ‘Producer, ‘Songs of the Phoenix’.

Mr. Zhou Baolin said that ‘Xuan Zang’ was an important movie produced last year, which was made with great efforts and preparations. It was co-produced by China and EROS Entertainment India. We hope that after the success of this movie, more Chinese film makers will be interested in working with Indian counterparts and with such collaborations, we will be able to bring more Indian movies to china through our company. Mr. Huo Jianqui said that the story is common to both India and China, as it deals with topic of Buddhism .It not only tells a simple story, but also is a cooperation of different cultures.

The story of ‘Go Away Mr. Tumor’ is not only limited to China, but depicts universal optimistic spirit, says Ms. Yuan Yuan. Last year this movie was showcased in Film Festivals of North America and Australia too because of its universal subject. She added that Indian movies inspire her a lot. She watched ‘3 idiots’ and learned that a film can be entertaining as well as educating.

Ms. Yan Yan was happy that a non-commercial movie also received huge audience applause. Her movie ’Song of Phoenix’ was running successfully in theaters for two months consequently and it gave her a lot of hope that such cinema was appreciated by younger audience.

The conference concluded with hopes of enhancing the cinematic exposure of the BRICS nations with each other.