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04-August-2016 17:00 IST
Measurement of Nutrition Value of Mid Day Meal



The cooking cost  which includes the cost of vegetables, pulses, oil, condiments & fuel is being upwardly revised annually since 01.04.2010. The cooking cost has been enhanced by 7% w.e.f. 01.07.2016 and it now stands at Rs.4.13 and Rs.6.18 per child per day for primary and upper primary stages respectively. Besides the above, the Central Government provides 100% funding for foodgrains, transport assistance, kitchen devices and Management/Monitoring Expenses. Several State/UT Governments are also contributing additional funds over and above their minimum mandatory share under Mid Day Meal Scheme.


The Central Government have notified the Mid Day Meal Rules, 2015 in September, 2015 under the National Food Security Act, 2013.  These Rules, interalia, provide that hot cooked meal provided to children shall be evaluated and certified by the Government Food Research Laboratory or any other laboratory accredited or recognized by law so as to ensure that the meal meets with the prescribed nutritional standards and quality.  The samples are to be collected at least once in a month from randomly selected schools or centralized kitchens for testing by such laboratories.



The Mid Day Meal Guidelines prescribe the following nutritional content to achieve the objectives of the Scheme in the mid day meal



For children of Primary classes

For children of Upper Primary classes

A) Nutritional Norms (Per child per day)





12 gms

20 gms

B) Food Norms (Per child per day)


100 gms

150 gms


20 gms

30 gms


50 gms

75 gms

Oil & fat

5 gms

7.5 gms

Salt & condiments

As per need

As per need



This information was given by the Minister of State (HRD), Shri Upendra Kushwaha today in a written reply to a Rajya Sabha question.