Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Women and Child Development
25-July-2016 17:40 IST
National Plan of Action for Children 2016 under preparation: Smt Maneka Sanjay Gandhi


The Ministry of Women and Child Development has drafted the National Plan of Action for Children (NPAC) 2016. The NPAC 2016 is based on the principles embedded in the National Policy for Children 2013(NPC 2013) and provides a road-map that links the policy objectives to actionable programmes and strategies as well as indicators for monitoring the progress. In alignment with the NPC 2013, the rights of the children are categorized under four key Priority Areas:

1. Survival, Health and Nutrition

2. Education and Development (including Skill Development)

3. Protection

4. Participation


Salient Features of draft National Plan of Action for Children 2016 are as follows:

·         The draft NPAC 2016 is being developed through a consultative process with different Ministries/Departments, Government of states/UTs, Civil Society Organisations as well as children.

·         It is based on analysis  of status of children and attempts to address key issues and concerns identified in each key priority area

·         The draft NPAC defines objectives, sub-objectives, strategies, action points and indicators for measuring progress under the four key priority areas and also identifies key stakeholders for the implementation of different strategies.

·         The strategies and action points largely draw upon the existing programmes and schemes of various Ministries/Departments. However, for certain key outcome it also suggests formulation of new programmes and strategies, as required.

·         The plan specifically identifies areas where there is a lack of adequate data and information for measuring progress for children in terms of their survival, health, nutrition, education, development, protection and participation and suggest research and knowledge  development to address the same.

·         The National Policy for Children (2013) provides for formation of a National Coordination and Action Group (NCAG) under the Minister, Ministry of Women and Child development to implement the plan and monitor the progress with other Ministries concerned as its members.


The draft NPAC 2016 takes into account data disaggregated by rural and urban areas for key indicators. Reducing maternal and neonatal mortality rates are key outcomes envisaged under Key Priority Area: Survival, Health and Nutrition.


The first draft is already in the public domain; i.e.; on the website of the Ministry ( The Ministry is currently finalizing the draft based on comments and suggestions received from other Ministries/Departments/Governments of States/UTs/Individuals and civil society organizations.


This information was given by the Minister of Women and Child Development, Smt Maneka Sanjay Gandhi in reply to a question in the Lok Sabha.