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10-June-2016 16:53 IST
Status of Jal Marg Vikas Project on River Ganga

‘Jal Marg Vikas’ is a  project on the river Ganga , being developed between Allahabad and Haldia to cover a distance of 1620 kms. The project envisages development of a fairway with three metres depth ,  which would enable commercial navigation of at least 1500 ton vessels on the river.  Construction of multi modal terminals, jetties, river information system, channel marking, navigational lock, river training and conservancy works are to be undertaken as part of the project. The project  is being implemented with technical and investment support from World Bank and would be completed over a period of six years at an estimated cost of Rs. 4200 crore.


The total procurement Plan for Phase 1 of the project from  Varanasi to Haldia  is  Rs.2041.25 Cr. Investment in UP stretch of Ganga  is Rs 700 crore. The status of the project is as follows :


Multi-modal terminal at Varanasi, UP (Phase-1)

Civil construction cost : Rs.169 cr+ Land cost: Rs.15 cr. Total : Rs.184 cr.

Duration: 26 months


·      Award delayed because of Allahabad High Court ban on construction on

banks of Ganga.

·            High Court allowed construction of terminal on 28 Apr 2016

·         Construction work awarded. Mobilisation and pre-construction activity has commenced.

·            Phase 1A- land of 16 acres.

· Phase 2- Land of 70 acres for railway siding- Investment of Rs 110 cr

·         Railway connectivity from JEONATHPUR to RAMNAGAR- 5 km length- DPR in progress




Cost - Rs 11 crore


Duration - completion by early 2017


Status - hard strata removal-started in Oct 2015 -

Terminal at GAZIPUR-

·      on north bank at NAWAPURA

·      Investment of RS. 150 cr including land cost

·      Feasibility study almost complete- to start by Dec 2016

·      Facilitate NEPAL cargo movement


GHAGRA river- 345 kms long- FAIZABAD to BALLIA

·      Being designed to move 600 T vessels

·      Investment of Rs 105 cr

·      Floating terminals at DOHRIGHAT, and MANJHIGHAT


Ro-Ro terminals - Rs 120 cr, reduce road distance, facilitate connection between 2 banks of GANGA




· Trial run of 1000 Ton cargo vessel and Ro-Ro vessel with cars, from

VARANASI to KOLKATA- to start in JULY 2016


Passenger Ferry services at ALLAHABAD and VARANASI-

· Investment of RS 100 cr

· Decongest roads of these cities

· Intermodal connectivity


Cruise services- Started between Patna and Varanasi