Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Railways
12-May-2016 12:20 IST
Creation of Non-Fare Revenue Directorate in Railway Board’s Office

In compliance of the Railway Minister Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu’s budget speech to reorganize Railway Board along business lines and setting up cross functional Directorates in Railway Board to focus on areas for enhancing revenues by 10% to 20% from Non-Tariff sources Ministry of Railways has decided to constitute a new Directorate named as Non-Fare Revenue Directorate (NFR) in Railway Board’s Office, Rail Bhawan, New Delhi.

The Directorate would be manned by SAG/SG level officers posted exclusively in the Directorate from Engineering, Traffic Commercial and Finance Departments.

The Designation of the Officers in NFR Directorate would be as under : -

a. ED/NRF/Traffic Comml.

b. ED/NFR/Engg.

c. Dir./NFR/Fin.

Broad items of work to be handled by Non-Fare Revenue Directorate would be as under : -

1. Advertisement at stations;

2. Commercial exploitation of vacant land and space rights over station buildings including station re-developmet;

3. Advertisements on coaches (both inside/outside) and on locos;

4. Sponsorship of uniforms for railway personnel, wherever in vogue;

5. Advertisements through hoardings on land alongside tracks and on land near railway stations;

6. Commercial farming alongside railway tracks;

7. Monetization of soft assets, including generation of revenue from websites through advertisements and web links;

8. Sidings and way leave charges;

9. Operation/licensing of Multi Functional Complexes;

10. Parking of vehicles in railway land other than at stations;

11. Advertisements on wagons, FOBs, ROBs, RUBs, Railway buildings, Loco sheds, Production Units, Structures on railway premises (like water tanks, microwave towers, OHE masts etc);

12. On board (trains) and off-board (station) entertainments, magazines on trains, displays at railway premises including stations (LED screens, video walls, translides etc.)

13. Sponsorships of activities and events at stations, branding etc;

14. Operation of Pay and Use toilets in land outside railway stations (circulating area, approach roads, near LC gates etc.);

15. Radio, Video, Internet, Wi-Fi, Mobile Apps, Interactive services (like video games etc.) in railway premises including stations;

16. Tourism

This new Directorate would work directly under the supervision of Chairman, Railway Board.