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Government of India
Ministry of Water Resources
02-May-2016 16:54 IST
Yamuna action plan

NGT has given directions to take up cleaning of Yamuna under Maily Se Nirmal Yamuna Revitalization Plan, 2017. Accordingly, DJB has submitted priority of projects amounting to Rs. 1,969 crore to be taken up under Phase I of Maily Se Nirmal Yamuna-Revitalization Plan, 2017. These projects are as follows:

·        Rehabilitation of existing waste treatment plant of 182 MLD at Rithala (R2).

·        Rehabilitation of peripheral sewer line of Ashok Vihar and Jahangirpuri (R1a).

·        Rehabilitation of 1100 mm dia. twin rising mains from Bharat Nagar Sewage Pumping Station to Pitampura Chamber (R1b).

·        Construction of 40 MGD (182 MLD) STP and rehabilitation of existing STPs at coronation pillar (P1).

·        Construction of 9 no. STPs and related works (P2).

·        Construction of 5 STPs and 2 no. STPs and related works (P3).


However, Cleaning of Rivers is an ongoing process and the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation is supplementing the efforts of the States for pollution abatement of river Yamuna, a tributary of River Ganga, by providing financial assistance to Delhi State Govt. in phased manner since 1993 under the Yamuna Action Plan (YAP).

Further, under YAP Phase-III project, five components in Rithala  and Kondli region Pkg R1a, R2, K3, K1, & K2 haves been appraised by IIT Roorkee and recommended by ESC and further sanctioned. The details are as below:

·         Rehabilitation of Trunk Sewer No.4 - Pkg ‘K1’ for Rs. 87.43 crore.

·         Rehabilitation of Trunk Sewer No.5 – Pkg ‘K2’ for Rs. 83.40 crore.

·         Rehabilitation and upgradation of Kondli Phase-I STP (45 MLD), Phase-II STP (114 MLD) & Phase-III STP (45 MLD) – Pkg ‘K3’ for Rs. 239.11 crore.

·         Rehabilitation of Trunk Sewers – Pkg ‘R1a’ for Rs. 43.92 crore.

·         Rehabilitation and up-gradation of Phase-I STP (182 MLD) – Pkg ‘R2’ for Rs. 211.79 crore.

The remaining three projects under above DJB’s priority list, have been appraised by Prof. Arun Kumar of AHEC, IIT Roorkee for a total cost of Rs. 1388.23 crore and are in the process of funding.

Earlier plan did not take wholesomeness of the Yamuna river system for cleaning Yamuna, due to insufficient engineering efforts, and also the desired result of earlier action plan were not achieved as desired due to lack of availability of fresh water in the river, especially during the lean period and a large gap between generation and treatment of sewage. In fact, there is no fresh water flow downstream of Wazirabad barrage in Delhi.


This information was given by Union Minister for Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation Sushri Uma Bharti in a written reply in Rajya Sabha today.