Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Civil Aviation
21-February-2016 13:17 IST
Ministry of Civil Aviation Organizes Additional Flights

In view of ongoing road blockades and disturbance in Haryana, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has organised  additional flights, the details of which are as follows:

1.      (1) Air India - Date – 21.2.16


Delhi – Chandigarh- Amritsar-Delhi

Departure timings  :

Delhi (1730) Chandigarh (1910) Amritsar (2035) Delhi


2.      SpiceJet - Date -21.2.16


(A) Delhi-Jaipur-Delhi

Departure Time

       Delhi (17.55) Jaipur (1915)  Delhi 
(B) Delhi-Amritsar-Delhi

      Departure Time

      Delhi (1740) Amritsar (1910) Delhi 
(C) Delhi-Chandigarh Delhi

      Departure Time

      Delhi (2035) Chandigarh (2200) Delhi

3.      Jet Date- 21.2.16



Departure Time
Delhi (1325) Amritsar (1525)- Delhi

4.      Indigo – Date- 22.2.16


Departure Time

Delhi (2125) – Chandigarh- Delhi 
(B) Delhi- Jaipur-Delhi

Departure Time

 Delhi (2140) -Jaipur Delhi


It may please be noted that the Air India, Spice Jet and Jet Flights are for today and the Indigo Flights are for tomorrow.