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Election Commission
14-January-2016 19:18 IST
“National Voter’s Day is Mark of the Power of Every Individual Vote”- Dr. Nasim Zaidi

Inaugurates Matdaata Mahotsav as a Part National Voters’ Day Celebrations on the 25th of January 2016.

The Chief Election Commissioner of India, Dr. Nasim Zaidi said that National Voters Day is mark of the power of every individual vote. After inaugurating Matdaata Mahotsav 2016 here today, Dr. Zaidi said that voters’ Participation in the democratic and electoral processes is integral to the successful running of any democracy and the very basis of wholesome democratic elections. He reiterated that voter is the bedrock of the institution of democracy. Dr. Zaidi further added that Election Commission aspire to reach out to every adult citizen of the country and promote ethical and aware participation in the electoral process. He agreed that this festival is an effort to initiate the process of collaboration for enhanced and quality participation in the elections. Matdaata Mahotsav 2016 marks completion of 5 successful events of the National Voters Day and launch of the SVEEP programme. This year’s theme is ‘inclusive and qualitative participation’ and slogan is that ‘no voter should be left behind’.

The Chief Election Commissioner of India along with Election Commissioner, Sh.O.P.Rawat visited all the State stalls, ECI stalls and the International Stalls including that of Maldives, Nepal, Moldova, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Fiji and Australia showcasing various components and aspects of election management. The inauguration day witnessed a huge public footfall especially, the youth.

The event will host national exhibition displaying the good practices on various aspects of election management and also describe the process of elections through interactive models, presentations and exhibits from different parts of the country. Every State has been provided a stall in which they will show their unique geographical, cultural and linguistic diversities and how they address their challenge and conduct the elections with perfections. All day activities will include hands on experience of EVM and VVPAT machines, online kiosk for voters registration, understanding various electoral processes through audio, video, Quiz contests, games. Many attractive live models have been set up in the stall. Everyday various cultural troupes would be presenting their voter awareness programme.

Additionally, there will be information and facilitation centers, mock polling station and a range of interactive activities. Multitude of activities like debates and discussions, music and dance, street plays and games, quizzes and contests during the event aim to keep up the spirit of festivity. Few EMB from other countries will also share the best practices of their countries. Resident Coordinator Mr. Yuri Afanasiev UNDP and his team, Election Management Bodies of Australia, Bangladesh, Fiji, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Nepal and Republic of Moldova and representatives from of States and UTs also participated in the Matdaata Mahotsav which will culminate on 17th Jan 2016.