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Ministry of Water Resources
03-November-2015 17:47 IST
Chairman Central Water Commission Releases Book on Inter-Linking of Indian Rivers

Chairman of Central Water Commission (CWC) Shri AB Pandya has said that inter-linking of Rivers is the only solution for various water related problems faced by the country. Speaking at a book release function in New Delhi today Shri Pandya said that management of the available water resources within our geographical boundaries is very essential. He said while discussing the water resources of India, it is generally assumed that in a country of tropical Monsoon type of climate, water is available in abundance. But this is a wrong notion. Even during good monsoon, some parts of the country face scarcity, due to irregularities in rainfall.

Earlier, Shri Pandya released a book titled “Inter-linking of Indian Rivers” written by Shri Radha Kant Bharati, a former editor of Bhagirath, a journal of Water Resources published by CWC. The book has been published by Lotus Press.

In his address, the author of the book said that he has made a humble attempt to provide the different views and opinion expressed by technocrats, media persons and politicians on the subject. He said the book provides a platform for discussion regarding the prospects and problems in inter basin transfer of water in India.