Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Prime Minister's Office
05-October-2015 14:54 IST
Text of PM’s statement to the Media at the Joint Press Briefing with German Chancellor Dr.Angela Merkel

Chancellor Merkel,

Members of German delegation,

My colleagues,

Members of the media,

It is a great pleasure to welcome Chancellor Angela Merkel and her eminent delegation to India.

On behalf of the people of India, I warmly congratulate Germany on the 25th anniversary of German reunification. At this important milestone, you can look back with pride on what you have accomplished at home and abroad. Chancellor Merkel, your leadership is a source of confidence and reassurance at a difficult moment for Europe and the world.

You have chosen to visit India despite many preoccupations in your region. The strength of your delegation reflects the importance you attach to relations with India and the seriousness with which you approach the Inter Governmental Consultations. Your commitment holds the key to progress in our relations. So, thank you very much!

The mechanism of Inter-Governmental Consultation is certainly unique. And, it has brought about all round growth in our relations. In addition, in the course of the past year, our two sides have deepened our engagement. We see Germany as a natural partner in achieving our vision of India’s economic transformation. German strengths and India’s priorities are aligned. And, so is our mutual goodwill.

Our focus tends to be on economic ties. But, I believe that in a world of seamless challenges and opportunities, India and Germany can also be strong partners in advancing a more human, peaceful, just and sustainable future for the world. We have a rich history of engagement. We share values, comfort in our relations and a sense of responsibility to the world.

Today, we have met for around three hours. We will continue our dialogue here and in Bengaluru tomorrow. I was very pleased with our discussions and the broad range of outcomes.

German response to our development agenda is very encouraging. We can look forward with confidence to increased investment, trade and technology partnerships in manufacturing, infrastructure and skill development. German engineering and Indian IT skills can create the next generation industry that will be more efficient, economical and environment friendly.

1600 German companies in India, and growing in number, will be strong partners in creating a global work force in India.

German cooperation and assistance in areas like smart cities, Clean Ganga and waste management have taken a concrete shape. So, has our cooperation in education, from engineering to humanities.

I admire German leadership in clean energy and commitment to combating climate change. This is an area where we have convergence of views, and rapidly growing cooperation. We have agreed on India-Germany Climate and Renewable Alliance with a long term vision and a comprehensive agenda of combating climate change. I place great value on Germany’s assistance of over one billion Euros for India’s Green Energy Corridor and a new assistance package of over a billion Euros for solar projects in India. We also intend to deepen research cooperation in clean and renewable energy, and energy efficiency. To contain temperature rise we must also change our temperament.

We look forward to a concrete outcome at COP21 in Paris that strengthens the commitment and the ability of the world, especially of poor and vulnerable countries, to transition to a more sustainable growth path.

Our partnership will also grow in areas like defence manufacturing, trade in advanced technology, intelligence, and countering terrorismand radicalism. These are important security dimensions of our expanding relationship.

I welcome Germany’s strong support for India’s membership of the international export control regimes. As we discussed in the G4 Summit in New York, Chancellor and I are committed to pursue reforms of the United Nations, especially the Security Council.

We have a common perspective on this region; the turbulence in West Asia; Europe’s challenges; and, shaping a peaceful and stable Asia Pacific and Indian Ocean Region. I especially thanked her for Germany’s invaluable support for peace, security and development in Afghanistan.

Finally, a very special word of gratitude to Chancellor Merkel and the people of Germany for the return of the 10th century statue of Durga in her Mahishasurmardini avatar from Jammu and Kashmir. She is a symbol of the victory of good over evil.

This also suggests that in this age of transitions and turmoil, India-Germany partnership will be a force of good for the world.

It is a saying common to both our cultures that friendship is a plant that needs to be watered. I am confident that after this extraordinary session, the tree of our friendship will blossom.

Thank you.