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Government of India
Ministry of Minority Affairs
22-July-2015 16:51 IST
Minority Concentrated Districts

As per Census 2001, towns/cities with a minimum of 25% minority population (in case of 6 States/UTs viz. Lakshadweep, Punjab, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Jammu & Kashmir, 15% of minority population, other than that of the minority community in majority in that State/UT) having both socio-economic and basic amenities parameters below national average, and falling outside the 90 Minority Concentration Districts (MCDs) have been identified as Minority concentration Towns/Cities under Multi-sectoral Development Programme (MsDP) for implementation of the Programme. As such, a total of 66 Minority Concentration Towns (MCTs) of 55 districts have been identified for implementation of the Programme.

MsDP was implemented in identified 90 Minority Concentration Districts (MCDs) during 11th Five Year Plan and the year 2012-13. The programme has been restructured in 2013-14 and the unit area of implementation of MsDP is Minority Concentration Blocks (MCBs)/ Minority Concentration Towns (MCTs)/ Cluster of Villages.

For gap filling projects, the funding pattern under MsDP, is the same as followed in the existing schemes being implemented by the other Ministries. In case of non-gap filling projects or innovative projects, the fund sharing between the Centre and State is in the ratio of 60:40 and 80:20 for North Eastern States. The funds are released to the State Government/UTs which further release the funds to implementing agencies.

The Ministry under Prime Minister’s New 15 Point Programme for welfare of minorities covers 24 schemes of 11 different Ministries/Departments. The aim of this programme is to ensure that the benefits of various government schemes for the underprivileged reach the disadvantaged sections of minority communities. In order to ensure that the benefits of the schemes included in the programme flow equitably to minorities, the programme envisages location of atleast 15% of development projects in minority concentration areas. Ministry under schemes implemented through Non-Government Organisations (NGO) /Project Implementing Agencies (PIAs) /Institution, is giving priority to Minority Concentration areas while selecting NGO/PIAs/Institution. This Information was given by the Minister of State in the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Sh. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi in Lok Sabha today.