Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Road Transport & Highways
02-April-2015 15:54 IST
Increase in the penalty in the proposed Road Transport & Safety Bill

This Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has proposed a draft Road Transport & Safety Bill which after wide public consultation has been circulated to the concerned Ministries for their comments before bringing it to the Cabinet. The Bill has included several reforms, including a major focus on the safety on roads and increase in the penalties for various offences. Based on the inputs received from the general public as well as other stakeholders, the penalties proposed in the first draft were rationalized. Even so, the penalties now proposed in the fourth draft reflect a substantial increase in the quantum of penalties, as indicated in the comparative table attached.

The quantum of punishment is way above that provided in the present Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.The penalties are not only in form of graded pecuniary fines but also imprisonment, naming and shaming, community service etc. The quantum of penalties proposed will be higher for the repeat offences. There would be demerit points for the offences leading to suspension of the license. The Ministry proposes that the schedule stating the quantum of punishment may be changed on analysis of the data related to reasons of offences.

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