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30-March-2015 18:00 IST
India and Japan Hold Defence Dialogue
Joint Press Release

Joint Press Release



1.      The Defence Minister of India Manohar Parrikar is paying a bilateral visit to Japan from 29 March to 1 April, 2015 at the invitation of the Minister of Defence of Japan, Gen Nakatani.  The two Ministers held a Defence Ministerial Meeting on March 30, 2015 in Tokyo.


2.      The meeting was held in a constructive, friendly and forward looking atmosphere.  The two Ministers briefed each other on the security environment surrounding each country and their respective defence policies.  They reviewed strategic developments relating to international security situation with emphasis on the inter-connected Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean regions.  They were of the view that in the inter-connected Indo-Pacific region, India-Japan Special Strategic and Global Partnership has a key role in maintaining peace and stability in the region. Minister Nakatani briefed on Japan’s recent efforts related to Japan’s security policy.  Minister Parrikar appreciated the detailed briefing. 


3.      The two Ministers welcomed the progress made in bilateral defence exchanges following the signing of Memorandum of Cooperation and Exchanges in the Field of Defence during the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Japan in September 2014 and emphasized the need to further strengthen and elevate bilateral defence relations.  They appreciated on-going maritime cooperation as exemplified by bilateral Japan-India Maritime Exercises and participation of Japan Maritime Self Defence Force in India-US Joint Naval Exercises “Malabar 14” in July 2014, which was held off the coast of Japan.


4.      The two Defence Ministers noted the progress made in discussion in the Joint Working Group (JWG) on Defence Equipment and Technology Cooperation (JWG-DETC).  They were of the view that India and Japan have the potential in the area of defence equipment and technology cooperation, which can emerge as a key pillar of bilateral defence relations. They exchanged views on potential projects for cooperation in this area and emphasized the need to pursue mutually beneficial future cooperation projects.


5.      In order to further enhance the cooperative relations in India-Japan Special Strategic and Global Partnership between the defence authorities,  the two Ministers shared views to conduct cooperation and exchanges, including:


i.                 Continue the high-level exchanges including the Ministerial meeting on an annual basis;


a)       The Defence Minister of Japan will visit India in 2016.

b)         Hold the 4th Vice-Minister/Defence Secretary level Defence Policy Dialogue and the 3rd Vice-Minister/Secretary level“2 plus 2” dialogue in Delhi at the beginning of April, 2015.

c)       Visits by Service Chiefs on reciprocal basis.


ii.          Continue to promote exchanges on UN Peacekeeping Operations between Centre for UN Peacekeeping (CUNPK) of the Indian Army and Japan Peacekeeping Training and Research Center (JPC) of Joint Staff College, Central Readiness Force (CRF) of Japan Ground Self Defence Force (JGSDF);

iii.       Continue to conduct bilateral exercises between Japan Maritime Force’s

and Indian Navy on a regular basis;

iv.         Conduct expert exchanges in Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief and Counter Terrorism between both Indian Army and Japan Ground Self Defence Force (JGSDF);

v.       Conduct staff talks, professional exchanges of test-pilots between Japan

Air-Self Force and Indian Air Force and exchanges between their air

transport squadrons; and

vi.       Enhance discussions on future cooperation in defence equipment and


Minister Parrikar thanked Minister Nakatani for the gracious welcome and hospitality extended to him and members of the Indian delegation during his visit to Japan.