Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Tribal Affairs
28-November-2014 13:51 IST
Committee on Condition of Tribals

            The Government has set up a high level Committee to look into the current socio-economic, health and educational status of tribals in the country.

           The Committee was set up by the PMO on 14th Aug, 2013.  The objective of Committee was to prepare a position paper on the present socio-economic, health and educational status of Scheduled Tribes and suggest a way forward. The Committee’s objective was also to suggest policy initiative as well as effective outcome-oriented measures to improve development indicators and strengthen public service delivery to STs and other tribal population. The following was the composition of the Committee:


1)         Prof. Virginius Xaxa,                           Chairman

2)         Dr. Usha Ramanathan                          Member

3)         Dr. Joseph Baraa                                   Member

4)         Dr. Kamal K. Misra                                Member

5)         Dr. Abhay Bang                                     Member

6)         Ms. Sunila Basant                                  Member

7)         Secretary, M/o Tribal Affairs              Member Secretary


           The Committee conducted eleven meetings i.e. on 10 September, 2013; 26 September, 2013; 11 October, 2013;  08 November, 2013;  18 December, 2013; 18 January, 2014;  27 February, 2014;  15 and 16 April, 2014;  05,  06 and 07 May, 2014;  14 and 15 May, 2014 and  29 May, 2014.

          The Committee has submitted its report on 29th May, 2014.


        This information was given by Minister of State for Tribal Affairs Ministry Shri Mansukhbhai Dhanjibhai Vasava in Lok Sabha today.