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Government of India
Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas
25-November-2014 17:19 IST
Supply of LPG


The Minister of State (I/C) for Petroleum & Natural Gas Shri Dharamendra Pradhan informed the Lok Sabha in a written reply that as on 01.11.2014, OMCs are having 11167 Regular distributors and 3865 distributors under Rajiv Gandhi Gramin LPG Vitaran Yojana (RGGLVY) covering 66.5% households in the entire country.

            As per the Vision 2015, OMCs have to release 5.5 Crore LPG between 2009 and  2015 to raise population covered from 50% to 75%. OMCs have already released 6.69 Crore LPG connections till October 2014 and exceeded the target. OMCs continue to appoint LPG distributors under the RGGLVY and Regular Distributors (under Industry Marketing Plans) to expand LPG coverage. 

            Several steps have also been taken by OMCs to improve customers’ services. This includes a comprehensive LPG service portal where all LPG services can be obtained from the comfort of the home without visiting the distributorship. Mobile applications have also been developed for various LPG services. In an effort to enhance competition, the distributors are being rated from 1 star to 5 star based on their delivery performance. The customers are also being given the option of portability under which they can now change their distributorship/marketing company in case they so desire.    

For the calendar year 2014, the demand and availability of LPG in the country is as under :

Demand                                  :           17.4 MMT

Indigenous availability            :           9.8 MMT

Imports tied up                       :           7.6 MMT

            OMCs have further reported that sometimes, supplies to the market are disrupted temporarily due to reasons beyond control like strikes/ bandhs/ agitations by contract labours/ transporters/ trade unions etc., which results in backlog in LPG supply to that market.

            For clearing the backlog OMCs augment bulk LPG supplies, arrange additional imports, position bulk LPG  at the plants through alternative routes and operate LPG bottling plants for extended hours.



Customer Service Initiatives

·      Refill booking through SMS, IVRS in various cities and Web based bookings is being offered.

·      Online Transfer Voucher confirmation has been started to avoid delay in getting confirmation thru post.

·      New connection registration can be done through internet.

·      Transparency Portal has been launched wherein the customer can see the consumption pattern of refills, can lodge complaints and also rate the performance of his distributor.

·      Rating of distributors on the website based on the delivery pattern has been implemented.

·      Toll Free No. has been made available to customers for lodging complaints which are then addressed by the concerned Area Offices.

·      Mobile apps have  been developed for LPG customers. Functions like refill booking, new connection request, DBC request, complaints, history of supplies, hotplate repair, surrendering connections and rating of distributors can be executed from mobile phones.

·      Customer service cells have been established in Area offices through which customers can seek information and  get their complaints redressed.

·      Customers can  approach the Area Mangers on specific days in a week, which is displayed at the Area Office. 

·      Complaints can also be aired at the corporate website. 

·      Detail of customer service cell and concerned officer (Name, Tel No) looking after the distributor operations are displayed in all the showroom of the distributors. Periodic advertisements to this effect are also published in leading dailies.

·      Intra & Inter company Connection Portability commenced in 484 districts in the country where ever feasible, which empowers customers to change dealer at their choice, if they are not satisfied with the service.

·      Regularization of connections has been authorized if the person is in possession of cylinder(s)/Pressure Regulator and has the Subscription Voucher (SV) of an authorized customer.

·      Process of change of name in LPG connections due to death of SV holder has been simplified.

·      Transfer of LPG connection within family during lifetime of the customer has now been permitted.

·      Process of getting LPG equipment which are lost due to theft has been simplified.