Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Road Transport & Highways
16-September-2014 17:01 IST
“FASTag”, the Brand name for ETC services on Highways


Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has decided to roll out Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) program in the country under the brand name “FASTag”. ETC entails payment of highway tolls electronically without needing to stop the vehicle at the toll plazas. The unique number of the RFID Tag affixed on the wind shield of the vehicle will be read by the readers fitted in the dedicated “ETC” lanes of plazas and appropriate amount as per the class of vehicle will be automatically deducted from the account of the user. The dedicated ETC lanes will have colour coding for distinct identity recognized as “FASTag lanes”.   


ICICI Bank and Axis bank, engaged for providing Central Clearing House (CCH) services, would distribute RFID based “FASTag” through their franchises/agents and at points of sales near the toll plazas. Road users can enrol and get “FASTag” affixed on their vehicles at designated toll plaza locations or Point of Sale (POS) stations of Axis bank and ICICI bank.  


Such type of highway tag brands are common in developed countries and are known by different names like “Eazee Pass”, “SunPass” in the US, “e-Pass” in Australia, “Salik” in Dubai etc.


The “FASTag” logo can be accessed here