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Ministry of Defence
08-August-2014 18:40 IST
Army Central Welfare Fund

The donations received in Army Central Welfare Fund from citizens during last three years and current year are as under:-




Donation Received

(Rs. in lakhs)










(As on 25th July, 2014)



The amount of donations received is utilized to pay demise grant to the Next of Kin of retired JCOs / ORs as immediate succor, and distress grant to ex-servicemen and their dependents.

Financial assistance to the dependents of the martyrs of the Kargil War from National Defence Fund (Kargil) is as under:-



Dwelling Unit

Rs.5 Lakh

Parental Assistance

(Where parents are not NoK)

Rs.2 Lakh

Children Education Assistance

Rs.2 Lakh


One time financial assistance of Rs.50,000/- is provided to the eligible NOK of all fatal battle casualties w.e.f. 15th August 1947  to  30th April 1999 out of National Defence Fund (BC).

The families of martyrs of Kargil War were provided financial assistance from National Defence Fund (Kargil) and no payment is pending.

A total number of ten families of martyrs have been provided financial assistance out of National Defence Fund (BC) @ Rs.50,000/- during the said period.

Details of monetary benefits entitled to the NoK of Battle Casualties are as under:-

Liberalised Family Pension: Equal to the reckonable emoluments last drawn by the deceased personnel for life to the NoK.

Death Gratuity:  Based on length of service rendered and emoluments last drawn by the deceased individual.




Rs.10 lakh in case of death on duty due to accidents / acts of violence by terrorists.



Rs.15 lakh in case of death on duty due to enemy action in war / border skirmishes / action against militants / terrorist / natural disasters / extreme weather conditions.


Rs.20 lakh in case of death during enemy action in international war / war like engagements which are specifically notified.



Army Group Insurance Fund:


(a) Officers            -  Rs.50 lakhs.

(b) JCO/ORs-  Rs.25 lakhs.


Army Wives Welfare Association Fund:


(a) Officers              -  Rs.10,000/-

(b) JCOs/ORs          -  Rs.10,000/-

Army Officers’ Benevolent Fund:

(a) Officers              -  Rs.50,000/-

(b) JCOs/ORs-  Not applicable.


This information was given by Minister of State for Defence Rao Inderjit Singh in a written reply to Shri SadashivLokhandein Lok Sabha today.