Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
25-July-2014 15:15 IST
Ban of Endosulfan

The study done by ICMR’s National Institute of Occupational Health in 2002 showed significantly higher prevalence of neurobehavioral disorders, congenital malformations in female subject and abnormalities related to male reproductive system.

Another study conducted by Calicut Medical College in Nov-Dec 2010 in the same area showed reproductive morbidity, sexual maturity congenital anomalies and cancer in younger ages.

Infertility in the women 30 years and older was significantly higher but amongst younger age group (20-29) infertility was comparable with the unsprayed area indicating that the probable effect of Endosulfan is gradually coming down.

State Government of Kerala has sent a proposal amounting toRs. 448.258 crores for relief and rehabilitation of Endosulfan victims in Kasargod district of Kerala.

Based on Programme Implementation Proposals received from the State under the National Rural Health Mission (Now NHM), support has been provided to the State within their resource envelope. Government has sanctioned Rs. 10.88 crore for health facilities in Kasargod district during the period 2012-13 to 2014-15(till date).

The Hon’ble Supreme Court passed an ad-interim order on 13.05.2011 banning production, sale and use of Endosulfan in the country till further orders.

Accordingly, the Central Government issued instructions on 14.05.2011 to all State Governments/Union Territory Administrations to implement the interim order of the Court in toto, which are binding on all manufacturers. The Secretariat of Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee has written to the Pesticide Associations to recall Certificates of Registration for Endosulfan. These certificates have been treated as withdrawn in compliance of Supreme Court’s directions.

On the basis of the interim report of the Joint Expert Committee on Endosulfan, Hon’ble Supreme Court of India vide its order dated 30-09-2011and 13.12.2011 allowed export of existing stocks of Endosulfan Technical to the tune of 1090.596 MT and formulation 2698.056 KL which was manufactured prior to the banning of Endosulfan by Supreme Court vide its order dated 13.5.2011.

Further, the Hon’ble Supreme Court in its Order dated 23-04-2012 directed the Union of India to file a report on the disposal/phase out of Endosulfan Technical, Endosulfan Formulation and its raw material viz., HCCP available with manufacturers, States & formulators. Accordingly, a report was submitted by Ministry of Agriculture on 12-07-2012 on the manner of disposal of Endosulfan& HCCP stock available with manufacturers, States, formulators.

The Health Minister stated this in a written reply in the LokSabha here today.