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Election Commission
23-February-2014 10:23 IST
Comparison of the Indian Electorate from 1951–1952 To 2014

Size & Gender-Wise Composition of the Indian Electorate over Successive General Elections

Electorate Size Becomes More than 4.7 Times Between 1951 – 1952 & 2014

A comparison of the electoral data as per the final publication of summary revision 2014 (released by the Election Commission of India on 14th February, 2014) with that of previous General Elections shows that the total electorate size of the country grew from 173,212,343 electors in the 1st General Elections of 1951 – 1952 to become 814,591,184 in 2014 - more than 4.7 times the figure in 1951 – ’52. Relative to 1971 (the year since when the sex-wise break-up of electors is available), the size of the total electorate grew by 197.1% or became 2.97 times. Further, both the number of male electors and the number of female electors became 2.97 times of their respective numbers in 1971. The proportion of female electors in the Indian electorate has showed little variation since 1971, always hovering between 47.4% and 48.0%.

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