Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
17-February-2014 19:33 IST
The overall Teledensity in the Country Increases to 74.02 at the end of December, 2013

The overall Teledensity in India increased from 73.69 at the end of November, 2013 to 74.02 at the end of December, 2013. As per the latest data on telecom subscribers released by TRAI here today, subscription in the urban areas increased from 546.64 million in November, 2013 to 549.40 million at the end of December, 2013. Subscription in rural areas increased from 363.50 million to 365.79 million during the same period. The monthly growth rate of urban and rural subscription is 0.51% and 0.63% respectively. The overall urban Teledensity has increased from 144.46 to 144.95 and Rural Teledensity increased from 42.43 to 42.67 in this month.