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  • E-possibilities

    Digital India is a flagship programme of the Narendra Modi government to empower India and Indians using technology. read more...External Link

  • GST is a win-win for all: Consumers, businesses and government: Venkaiah Naidu

    At the midnight of June 30, India will make a tryst with history by heralding the much-awaited GST regime and turning a new leaf in the annals of the country’s taxation system.read more...External Link

  • How to build the new city

    Rapid urbanisation brings with it enormous challenges. The Modi government has framed the agenda to meet them read more...External Link

  • Romancing the Maoists

    The silence of the human rights activists after an attack in which security forces are killed is telling read more...External Link

  • Holistic approach to Sanitation issues

    Only by more effectively addressing the value chain, can we achieve universal sustainable sanitation access and make Swachch Bharat mission a grand success read more...External Link

  • The voter’s new religion

    The people want development. And corruption-free governance. That’s the message from Uttar Pradesh read more...External Link

  • There’s no progress if women lag behind

    The fight to change mindsets must happen every day, and not be a show of tokenism one day in the year The importance of women’s emancipation cannot be limited to mere tokenism on a single day. read more...External Link

  • Cong,Communists, have joined Hands to Defame NDA

    Nationalism seems to have become a pejorative term for the leaders of the Congress party and the communists read more...View Document0

  • Myth-shattering mandate
  • BJP’s victory in recent polls demolishes theories that is fortunes would decline after demonetisation. read more...View Document0

  • Economic growth and poverty alleviation are not mutually exclusive as critics of budget would have you believe

    Congress has come out with another surprise read more...View Document0

  • Demonetisation transformed mindsets

    Venkaiah Naidu respond to P Chidambaram criticism of critical decision taken by the government. read more...View Document0

  • Affordable housing for all, finally

    The bold and disruptive move of demonetisation has positively impacted the housing sector for the consumer. read more...View Document0

  • Home Sweeter home

    Finance minister Arun Jaitly’s announcement of providing ‘infrastructure’ status. read more...View Document0

  • Breaking the status quo

    The NDA government is determind to undertake reform in all domains. read more...View Document0

  • Padma stories

    From ‘anar dada’ of Banaskantha to Vadodara’s ‘highway messiah’ and the oldest woman exponent of Kalaripayattu, this year’s award-winners can inspire us all. read more...View Document0

  • A job well begun
  • At the halfway-mark, the Modi government has brought transparency, bolstered the economy and focused on the welfare of the vulnerable. read more...View Document0

  • The Rediscovery of Urban India

    After long years of neglect and alenation,cities are feeling empowered under the rewritten rules of urban planning. read more...View Document0

  • Two important issues before the GST Council
  • Union Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs, Shri Arun Jaitley writes about the rationale behind the proposal of 'Multi Rate Structure' and 'Compensation Payable through Cess' placed before the GST Council. read more...External Link