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Government of India
Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
17 AUG 2022 5:41PM by PIB Delhi
Project cheetah to reestablish the species in its historical range in India.

Project Cheetah is an ambitious project undertaken by Government of India which aims to re-establish the species in its historical range in India. Reintroduction of wild species particularly the Cheetah is being undertaken as per the IUCN guidelines and the processes like disease screening, quarantine of release candidates as well as transportation of live wild animals across continents requires careful planning and execution.

The date for Cheetah introduction/ translocation has not been decided as yet. Seized of the sensitivity of the entire process, MoEFCC is taking all precautions to ensure success of the project. Upon arrival, the Cheetahs will be kept under quarantine and observed before release. Reports in certain sections of the media that African Cheetahs are still stuck in transit are completely unfounded.

While the agreement has been signed with the Republic of Namibia, the process of signing of MoU with South Africa is underway.