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16 DEC 2021 1:37PM by PIB Delhi
Construction of wayside amenities as part of Prime Minister Swachh Bharat Abhiyan under NERCORMP

North Eastern Region Community Resource Management Society (NERCRMS) is a registered society under the aegis of North Eastern Council (NEC) and Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (MDoNER), Govt. of India.

NERCMS has taken the work of construction of wayside amenities as part of Prime Minister Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on approved tourist circuit falling under NERCORMP project area in Dima Hasao in Assam, West Khasi Hills, South West Khasi Hills, North Garo Hills, West Garo Hills and South West Garo Hills District of Meghalaya, Churachandpur in Manipur and Tirap in Arunachal Pradesh at an estimate cost of Rs.12.20 Croes.

The objective of the project is to maintain cleanliness and effective sanitation in the rural areas and to promote tourism and generate direct and indirect employment opportunities in the rural areas of Hasao in Assam, South West Khasi Hills, West Khasi Hills, North Garo Hills, West Garo Hills and South Garo Hills  Districts in Meghalaya, Churachandpur in Manipur and Tirapin Arunachal Pradesh.


Total 30 units of wayside amenities (which include Toilet, Market shed, Waiting Shed, Cafeteria and Water pump) has been constructed covering 4 States and 8 Districts. One of the major problem and challenges in the development sector is the maintaining health and hygiene of the people living both in rural and urban areas.



Dima  Hasao in Assam, West Khasi Hills, South West Khasi Hills, North Garo Hills, West Garo  Hills  and South Garo  Hills  Districts in Meghalaya, Churachandpur in Manipur and Tirapin Arunachal Pradesh has many beautiful tourist locations which have been identified as approved tourist circuit but due to  lack of sideway amenities the  districts   is  failed  to  attract  the  tourism industries in Dima Hasao in Assam,  West Khasi Hills, South West Khasi Hills, North Garo Hills, West Garo Hills  and South Garo Hills Districts in Meghalaya Churachandpur in Manipur and Tirapin Arunachal Pradesh.

 Keeping the importance of proper sanitation and direct and indirect employment opportunities though  tourism, the sideway amenities has been constructed under this project. The project has been designed in a manner that people get good place to take a break, rest, eat and spend some time during a long journey and also to promote the tourism sector and create direct and indirect employment opportunities. Wayside amenities are very important for local people, passengers, tourists, trucker and especially women folks while travelling.