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31 OCT 2019 6:29PM by PIB Delhi
“Seva Paramo Dharma” should be the mantra of civil services says the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a gathering of over 430 Civil Service Probationers, Officers and others at the Statue of Unity, Kewadiya, on the occasion of the Rashtriya Ekta Diwas today.

The Probationers in a separate interaction with the Prime Minister earlier made presentations on various thematic areas viz. Agriculture and Rural Empowerment, Health care reforms and policymaking; sustainable rural management techniques, inclusive urbanization and future of education

In his address the Prime Minister said, “This kind of combined foundation course of various civil services in country is in a way the beginning of a new chapter in civil services in India. Till now you had your training at different centres like Mussoorie, Hyderabad and other places. And like I said before you were being cast into various silos – the way in which bureaucracy works – at the initial stage of your training itself. “

Appreciating the effort, he said. “The actual integration of Civil Services is happening in a proper way now with all of you.This Aarambh is a reform in itself. This reform is not limited to the integration of training alone. This is also to expand the outlook and approach and also to have a wider exposure. This is the integration of civil services. ThisAarambh is happening with you.”

And as a part of it the officer trainees were made to interact with the Social and Economic Global leaders and experts, he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that it was the vision of SardarVallabhbhai Patel to make Civil Services an important tool in the nation building.

“To make all civil services an important medium in the Nation Building and progress was the vision of SardarVallabhbhai Patel. To realise this vision, Sardar Patel had to face many a challenge.

It was the common feeling then that how can those officers who played a major role in suppressing the freedom movement, can now be utilised for the development of the nation. But Sardar Patel with his vision believed in the system that it had the potential to take the country ahead.”

“The same bureaucracy helped integrate princely states into the country”

Prime Minister shared with the probationers as to how Sardar Patel demonstrated many a time that to bring about a change in the common man’s life there is a necessity of a strong will & determination.

“About 100 years ago he put the reforms of Ahmedabad’s municipality in placewithin10 years with limited resources and proved his capability. “, he said referring to Sardar Patel’s abilities.

Prime Minister said, “And with this vision Sardar Patel drew the contours of the Civil Services in Independent India.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi exhorted the probationers to make every effort with impartiality and in true spirit of selflessness.

 “Every effort that is made with impartiality and selflessness is a strong foundation for New India.”

“In order to fulfil the vision and dreams of New India, our bureaucracy should have the thinking and approach of the 21st century. We need a bureaucracy that is Creative & Constructive, imaginative &innovative, Proactive and polite, Professional and progressive, Energetic and enabling, Efficient and effective, Transparent and Tech enabled” Prime Minister said.

He said most of the senior bureaucrats could achieve a lot even there was scarcity of resources like roads, vehicles, telephones, railways, hospitals, schools, colleges etc.

“Today it is not the same. India is making towards enormous progress. We have enormous youth power, enormous modern technology, and no dearth food resources. You now have major opportunities and responsibilities, You  have to increase the capacity of India and its stability should be strengthened.”

Prime Minster said that the probationers should dedicate themselves to the service of the nation.

“You have not come on to this path for a career or merely for a job. You have come here for service. With a mantra of SevaParamodharam”

“Your every action, one signature will effect lakhs of lives.Your decisions would be local and regional but their perspective should be national. You should always think as to how your decision would affect nation.”

“Your decision should always be based on two basic principles. One is of Mahatma Gandhi where he said whether your decision would be of any value to the last man in the lowest rung of the society and second on whether our decision would contribute to the country’s unity, stability and its strength.”

Prime Minister described the condition of more than 100 aspirational district which have been neglected on all fronts how they were lead into disillusionment.

“More than 100 districts have lost the race in development and are now aspirational districts. They have been neglected at all stages and this lead to disillusionment in the country. Now their development had become more difficult. Now we are trying to work on every aspect of HDI. We are trying to implement all policies with the help of technology. Now you have to work hard on this.We should develop these aspirational districts. “

He asked the probationers to work on one problem at a time and find a total solution to it which will increase in turn the confidence of the people and their participation.

“In our enthusiasm and anxiety we try to work on many fronts and hence dilute our resources. Instead you work on one issue. Find solution to it. One district One Problem and Total solution. Reduce one problem. Your confidence will improve and people’s confidence will also increase. It will increase their participation in programmes.”

He requested the young probationers to work with clean intent and be accessible to the public

“You should display soft power instead of hard power. You should be easily accessible to the public.You should work with clean intent. You might not have solution to all problems but you should atleast be willing to listen. Common man in this country is many a time satisfied if his problem is properly heard. He wants respect and dignity and a proper platform to convey his issues. “

He asked them to develop proper feedback mechanisms so that they can make right decisions. “In any system, in any bureaucracy inorder to be effective you should have a proper feedback mechanism. You should be able to get the feedback from your opponents too and this would increase the depth of your perspective and will help you make reforms. “ he said

Prime Minister exhorted the civil service probationers to work with technological solutions and help country achieve the 5 trillion dollar economy.

The Probationers in a separate interaction with the Prime Minister earlier made presentations on various thematic areas viz. Agriculture and Rural Empowerment, Health care reforms and policymaking; sustainable rural management techniques, inclusive urbanization and future of education.