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01 JUL 2019 4:48PM by PIB Delhi
GST Revenue collection for the month of June, 2019 stands at Rs.99,939 crore

Total gross GST revenue collected in the month of June, 2019 is ₹ 99,939crore of which CGST is ₹ 18,366crore, SGST is ₹ 25,343crore, IGST is ₹ 47,772crore (including ₹ 21,980crore collected on imports) and Cess is ₹8,457 crore (including ₹ 876crore collected on imports). The total number of GSTR 3B Returns filed for the month of Mayup to 30th June, 2019 is 74.38lakh.

The Government has settled ₹ 18,169 crore to CGST and ₹ 13,613 crore to SGST from IGST as regular settlement. The total revenue earned by Central Government and the State Governments after regular settlement in the month of June, 2019 is ₹ 36,535 crore for CGST and ₹ 38,956 crore for the SGST.

Revenue in June, 2018 was ₹ 95,610 crore and the revenue during June, 2019 is a growth of 4.52% over the revenue in the same month last year. The revenue in June, 2019 is 1.86% higher than the monthly average of GST revenue in FY 2018-19 (₹ 98,114 crore).

The chart shows trends in revenue during the current year.