Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Tribal Affairs
09 JAN 2019 7:36PM by PIB Delhi
Introduction of a Bill further to amend the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order, 1950 to include certain Communities in the list of the Scheduled Tribes in relation to the State of Assam.


1.  Gist of Bill: On the basis of recommendation of State of Assam, it is proposed to amend the Schedule to the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order, 1950 relating to Assam, to grant Scheduled Tribe status to the communities, namely,

  1. Chutiya
  2.  Matak
  3.  Moran
  4. Koch Rajbongshi
  5. Tai Ahom
  1.  Mal Paharia


  1.  Kawar


  1.  Lodha


  1.  Baiga


  1. Nagasia


  1. Bhil


  1. Gorait


  1. Halba


  1. Majwar


  1. Dhanwar


  1. Asur
  2. Pradhan


  1. Khond


  1. Korwa


  1. Kherwar


  1. Chero


  1. Koya


  1. Birhor


  1. Parja


  1. Mirdha


  1. Kishan


  1. Chik Baraik


  1. Kol
  2. Saora


  1. Birjia


  1. Damdari


  1. Bonda


  1. Mahli


  1. Shabar


  1. Kharia


  1. Gond


  1. Munda


  1. Oraon


  1. Bedia


  1. Santal


  1. Bhumij



     2.       Background: The first specification of Scheduled Tribes in relation to a particular State or Union territory is by a notified Order of the President, after consultation with the State Government / UT concerned. Any subsequent inclusion in or exclusion from and other modifications in the list of Scheduled Tribes can be made only through an amending Act of Parliament.


3.       Major Impact: This will fulfill the long term demand of the above communities for granting Scheduled Tribes status to them in the State of Assam. The persons belonging to the above communities will be eligible to get the Scheduled Tribe certificate from the State of Assam and will also be eligible for all benefits meant for the Scheduled Tribes in the State.