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03 JAN 2019 6:02PM by PIB Delhi
Highlights of the trends of CIC Annual Report 2017-18

Annual report of the Central Information Commission (CIC) was tabled in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha on 12th and 27th December 2018 respectively. The trends of Annual Report are as follows:

  • During the reporting year 2017-18, 12.33 lakh RTI applications were received by the registered Central Public Authorities (PAs). This is higher by 3,17,458 or 26% than what was reported during 2016-17.
  • The Central PAs rejected 4% (63,206) of the RTI applications processed during 2017-18 showing a downward trend in rejections which have come down by 2.59% from the 6.59% reported in 2016-17.
  • Highest percentage of RTI applications rejected was reported by High Court of Delhi (18%) and Ministry of Home Affairs (15.16%).
  • Annual Report 2017-18 shows a Increase of 22% (30,868) in First Appeals received by the Central PA's in comparison to the previous year.
  • The CIC disposed of 29,005 Second Appeals and Complaints cases in 2017-18 which is the Second highest disposal by the Commission since inception. A total of 25,815 cases were registered during the same period. At the end of the year the Commission had 23,541 cases pending before it.
  • The Commission imposed penalties to the tune of Rs. 33.62 lakhs during 2017-18 whereas a total of Rs. 16.39 lakhs was recovered from the PIOs.
  • Total 2,079 PA's have submitted Annual Returns which is 100% submission and highest since inception.

The soft copy of annual report is uploaded on the Commission website at