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31 DEC 2018 12:22PM by PIB Delhi
Implementation of EODB

The Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion has been monitoring two segments of the business reforms. The first segment relates to India’s efforts in improving its rank in World Bank’s Doing Business Report. In the Doing Business Report released in 2014 India was ranked 142 among 189 countries. As a result of reforms undertaken by the Government, India now ranks at 77 among 190 countries in the Doing Business Report 2019 released by the World Bank Group on 31st October, 2018. Since 2014 India has improved its rank in 8 indicators recording an impressive jump of 65 places in last 4 years.


The second segment in which business reforms are implemented relate to activities covered by State Governments. The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion shares a Business Reform Action Plan for implementation. The Plan is prepared in consultation with the State Governments which are actively participating in the reform exercise. So far, three rounds of reforms and assessments have taken place. The scores of implementation of Business Reforms Action Plan have improved significantly. While there was no State which scored more than 75% in the first round of assessment released in 2015, 18 states scored 80% or more in the latest round of assessment release on 10th July, 2018.


The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion has developed a Reforms Action Plan for districts identifying important government services that are delivered through district administration. These reforms are identified in consultation with State Governments. Some of the important areas covered under the Reforms Action Plan are:


  1. Starting Business
  1. Registration of Cooperative Societies
  2. Registration of Contractors for Works and Services
  3. Trade Licences and Renewal thereof


  1. Urban Local Body Services
  1. Obtaining Water Connection
  2. Obtaining Sewer Connection
  3. Certificate of non availability of water from water supply agency required for NoC for water abstraction from Central Ground Water Authority/ Relevant Authority
  4. NoC for water abstraction from Central Ground Water Authority/ Relevant Authority
  5. Road Cutting Permission
  6. Inspection carried out for (a) granting road cutting permission and (b) verification to ensure proper restoration


  1. Land Reform Enabler
  1. Encumbrance Certificate
  2. Measurement/ Demarcation of Land
  3. Change of Land Use
  4. Certificate of Land Use


     IV       Land Administration and Property Registration Enablers

  1. Property Registration – Online system


V      Obtaining approval for construction

  1. Construction Permit - Online System
  2. NOC from Fire Department (prior to commencement of construction activities)


VI     Paying Taxes

Property Tax/Vacant Land Tax


     VII            Miscellaneous

  1. Certificate for Verification of Weights & Measures and Its Renewal
  2. Certificate of Non-Forest land
  3. Letter for Distance from Forest
  4. NoC from Municipality or other Local Body for State License for Food Business
  5. Health NoC by Municipality/ Panchayat for Food Registration Certificate
  6. Registration for provisional/ permanent certificate for clinical establishment under Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act & its Renewal
  7. Registration under PC&PNDT Act, 1994 (Amended, 2003) (For 5 years) & its Renewal
  8. NOC required for setting up of explosives manufacturing, storage, sale, transport
  9. NOC required for setting up of petroleum, diesel & Naphtha manufacturing, storage, sale, transport
  10. License for Sale of Crackers
  11. Transfer of vehicle registration
  12. Goods Carriage Permit
  13. Issuing Vehicles Fitness Certificate
  14. Approvals for setting up Hostel
  15. Approval for setting up and operating a Play School
  16. Registration of schools under Right to Education
  17. NoC for setting up CBSE School
  18. Mining lease/ Composite License/ Non-exclusive Reconnaissance Permit
  19. Issue of letter of intent in case of fresh lease (for environmental clearance - category B2- Less than 5 acres)
  20. NoC for soil excavation /filling
  21. Licensing for Auditorium/ Places of Public Amusement / Performance for Public Amusement (as applicable)
  22. Cinematograph License & License for Screening a Films (as applicable)
  23. Licenses/ permits issued by the State Excise Departments likewholesale Vendor Licenses,import permits,license for Retail Sale, License for Setting up Distilleries and License for Setting up Bottling Plant
  24. Licenses/authorizations required for sale/ storage of fertilizers under Essential Commodities Act, 1955 (in accordance with Fertilizer Control Order)
  25. Licenses/authorizations required for sale/ storage of commodities (other than fertilizer) under Essential Commodities Act, 1955 (as applicable)
  26. Application for grant of license under Insecticide Act, 1968 for manufacture, storage and sale of insecticides and pesticides and its renewal
  27. Grant of license for 'Fair Price Shops' under the relevant act and its renewal.


    VIII     Grievance Redressal/ Paperless Courts and Law & Order

  1. Filing of disputes under Revenue Courts
  2. Resolution of Grievances.


This information was given by the Minister of State of Commerce and Industry, C. R. Chaudhary, in a written reply in the Lok Sabha today.