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26 DEC 2018 4:30PM by PIB Delhi
DIPP Swachch Bharat Grand Challenge Awards Presented


Secretary DIPP, Ramesh Abhishek, with the winners of Swachch Bharat Grand Challenge


As part of theSwachhta Pakhwada held from 1st to 15th November, 2018, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) organized a Swachch Bharat Grand Challenge.

This was organized to reward innovative solutions by DIPP recognized Start-ups in the country. Four areas of sanitation, waste management, water and wastewater management and air management were selected for thegrand challenge.

One hundred sixty-five applications were received from 70 districts in 22 states. Unique solutions were received from start-upswho had also filed for intellectual property rights.

The 1st Prize money for the Swachch Bharat Grand Challengewas Rs. 2 lakh and 2nd Prize, Rs. 1 lakh along with acertificate of appreciation. The winners in the different categories are:


Sector - Air



1st Prize

Maclec technical project laboratory pvt. Ltd

MV-1 (Product) Absorb Pollutants emitted from Vehicular traffic, Collect and Store PM, Dust Particles and Compress air for Electric Production.


2nd Prize

Small Spark Concepts Technologies Private Limited

SCHÖRL™ is a patent pending air filter technology which improves the combustion of the fuel supplied to the engine to increase the heat propagation.

Maharashtra (Pune)


Sector - Sanitation



1st Prize

Altersoft Innovations India Private Limited

Intelligent Public Toilets (IP Toilet) with self-cleaning facility, floor hygiene concept and IoT enabled control board for monitoring the usage.

Kerala (Cochin)

2nd Prize

Naturesani Private Limited

Manufactures odourless, waterless and chemical-free urinal systems that provides a unique air-lock system which does not allow urine to get in contact with air or oxygen



Sector – Waste



1st Prize

Sanshodhan An E-Waste Exchange Private Limited

E-Waste Exchange enables people to dispose off their electronic waste while complying to the government regulations


2nd Prize

Flycatcher Technologies LLP

Creates storage units to process waste material that generates bio-gas to be used in household kitchens

Maharashtra (Mumbai)


Sector – Water



1st Prize

REVY Environmental Solutions Pvt Ltd

Created an Anaerobic granulated sludge of more than 650 no of various bacteria that is used to treat waste water that can directly be used for irrigation purposes.


2nd Prize

EF Polymer Private Limited

Created a mixture used to absorb and retain water using biodegradable waste. The mixture absorbs and prevents the water to drain in agriculture fields.



During the SwachhtaPakhwadaobserved by DIPPinNovember this year various activities were also undertaken like cleaning of corridors, office premises, quadrangles and parking areas of UdyogBhawan, moping of glass partitions and cleaning of sections/records/library.

Along with the Horticulture Department of CPWD the cutting of hedges, pruning of tree branches, mowing the lawn, display and colouring of plant pots, removal of weeds and repairs andreplacement of broken pots was undertaken.

Further, in order to encourage proper upkeep and maintenance of records, Swachhata awards were given to the best maintained sections of DIPP. A committee checked every room during the SwachhtaPakhwada.

The awards were given away by Secretary DIPP, Ramesh Abhishek in New Delhi today.