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02 NOV 2018 5:21PM by PIB Delhi
Indian Railways eliminates Unmanned Level Crossings (UMLCs) on Broad Gauge in a Mission Mode

Indian Railway has taken a mission area to eliminate all Unmanned Level Crossings (UMLCs) on Broad Gauge and accordingly special efforts have been made so that elimination can be completed at the earliest.

As on 01.04.2018, there were 3479 Unmanned Level Crossings on Broad Gauge routes. Total 3402 UMLCs have been eliminated in last seven months. Balance 77 UMLCs have also been planned to be eliminated by December 2018.

Most of the UMLCs have been eliminated either by provision of Subway/RUBs or by manning.


Elimination of UMLC by Subway


     Elimination of UMLC by manning



Progress of elimination in last 10 years is as under:

*Progress is upto October’2018

From the above, it is clear that in last 7 months progress improved more than 5 times as compared to last years.

All Unmanned level crossings on routes having speed more than 130KMPH and on Sub-urban routes have been eliminated.

12 Zonal Railways - Central Railway, Eastern Railway, East Central Railway, East Coast Railway, North Eastern Railway, North East Frontier Railway, Southern Railway, South Central Railway, South Eastern Railway, South East Central Railway & West Central Railway are now become UMLC free on Broad Gauge route.

By elimination of UMLCs on war footing, accidents at UMLCs have reduced from 65 in 2009-10 to 3 in 2018-19.

*Accident data is upto October’2018