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06 MAR 2018 4:37PM by PIB Delhi
Several steps are being taken by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs for speedy implementation of Forest Rights Act-2006 and settlement of community claims.

   Under the Forest Rights Act, 2006 (FRA), until 30th, January, 2018 as much as 1 lakh 39,266 Community Forests Rights (CFR) claims have been received from 20 states. Out of this 64,328 (46.19%) claims have been recognised. As per data received from various states, Madhya Pradesh has received highest number of community claims 39,419 followed by Chatisgarh 27,548 while Himachal Pradesh received lowest number of  68 CFR claims followed by Tripura (277) ,Goa (372) and Rajasthan (700) . Bihar and Uttarakhand is reported not to have received any such CFR claims. Likewise Madhya Pradesh is reported to have recognised highest number of claims; 27,275 followed by Chatisgarh(14161) , Odisha(5964) , and Maharastra(5748) . There is awareness regarding the FRA and claims are being received from states throughout the country. The Tribal Affairs Ministry has taken several measures to monitor and to encourage speedy implementation of FRA including the disposal of community claims.


Steps being taken by Ministry to monitor and encourage for speedy implementation of FRA including the disposal of community claims.

1.         The Ministry regularly monitors the progress in the distribution of title deeds, across all States. A regular update is sought from all the States in form of Monthly Progress Report (MPR) which is also published on the website of the Ministry every month. The MPR also helps in identifying the high/ low performing States and the specific need for interventions.

2.        This Ministry has written to the Principal Secretaries of States identified as low performing, seeking justification of their current status and asking them to undertake suo moto review of rejected claims to ensure that no wrongful rejections are made.

3.         Ministry of Tribal Affairs has also written to the Chief Secretaries of the State Governments where rejection of FRA claims is very high directing them to mandatorily review such claims since 1stApril, 2014 if the same has not already not reviewed.

4.         To encourage speedier implementation of the Act funds to undertake crucial pre-requisite works such as public awareness building, support for evidence collection, mapping and demarcation, land measurements, use of space technology (in support of evidences), other administrative expenses, etc. are provided by the Ministry under SCA to TSS for FRA work and has issued directions to State Governments accordingly.

5.         For effective implementation of FRA, various steps have been taken which inter-alia includes Translation of Act, Rules and clarifications into local languages through the Tribal Research Institutes (TRIs), awareness camps, Regional Consultations/Workshops etc.

6.         During the year 2017-18, several rounds of Review-cum-consultation meetings have been held covering all States wherein the progress of FRA implementation has been reviewed and suitable directions given in such meetings

7.         A Forest Rights portal i.e.  has been developed by the Ministry exclusively for the Act which gives complete information about the Forest Right Act and Rules and facilitates the filing of claims under the Act.


This was stated by the Union Minister of State for Tribal Development Shri. Sudarshan Bhagat in Lok Sabha yesterday.