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Schemes for Ex-Servicemen

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The following Ex-servicemen (ESM) resettlement schemes are sponsored by Directorate General Resettlement (DGR) to provide resettlement opportunities to ESM of three Armed Forces Services: -

  • Security Agency Scheme
  • ESM Coal Loading and Transportation Scheme & Tipper Attachment Scheme
  • Tipper Attachment Scheme for War Widows and Disabled Soldiers.
  • Management of CNG Stations
  • Allotment of BPCL/IOCL Company Owned Company Operated (COCO) Outlets/Retail Pumps
  • Allotment of Mother Dairy Milk Booths and Fruit & Vegetable (Safal) Shops in NCR
  • Allotment of Regular LPG Distributorship
  • Retail Outlet Dealership (Petrol/Diesel)

Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB) is implementing welfare schemes for ESM/Widows/War Widows and their dependents. The details of such schemes are as under:

S. No.


Amount(in Rs)


Penury Grant (65 Yrs and above)

(Non-Pensioners upto Havildar Rank)

Rs 4,000/-pm         (Life time)


Education Grant (first two born children)

  1. Boys/Girls upto Graduation
  2. Widows for Post Graduate

(Pensioner/Non PensioneruptoHavildar Rank)


Rs 1,000/-pm


Officer Cadet Grant (for Cadets of NDA only)

Pensioner/ Non-Pensioners uptoHavildar Rank)


Rs 1,000/-pm


Disabled Children Grant (disability 100%)

(Pensioner/Non-Pensioners uptoHavildar Rank)


Rs 1,000/-pm


House Repair Grant

(Pensioner/Non-Pensioners uptoHavildar Rank)

  • 100% Disabled ESM
  • Orphan Daughter (of all ranks)


Rs 20,000/-


Daughter’s Marriage Grant                     

(up to 02 Daughters)

(Pensioner/ Non-Pensioners uptoHavildar Rank)



Rs 50,000/-

Widow Re-Marriage Grant

(Pensioner/ Non-Pensioners uptoHavildar Rank)


Funeral Grant

(Pensioner/ Non-Pensioners uptoHavildar Rank)


Rs 5,000/-


Medical Treatment

(Non-pensioner upto Havildar Rank)

Rs 30,000/- (Max)


Orphan Grant

(Pensioner/ Non-Pensioners All Ranks)

  • Daughters of ex-servicemen till she is married.
  • One Son of ex-servicemen upto 21 years of age.


Rs 1,000/-pm


Vocational Training Grant for Widows

(Pensioner/ Non-Pensioners uptoHavildar Rank)


Rs 20,000/-

(One Time)


Mobile Equipment for disabled ESM (post retirement).  ESM, who are disabled after service with a disability of 50% or more and who are not covered under the scheme of AG’s branch, R&W Section, Ceremonial and Welfare Directorate, Army HQs (i.e. Navy and Air Force)


Rs 57,500/-


Subsidy on Home Loan.  KSB reimburses 50% of interest on Rs 1,00,000/- (Max) by way of subsidy on home loan from Bank/Public Sector institutions for construction of house to war bereaved, war disabled and attributable peace time casualties.



Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme:  Total 5500 scholarship are provided to eligible wards based on merit for the entire duration of the courses.  Priority is given to the wards of War widows/War disabled Soldiers. The rates of Scholarship are as follows : -

(a)   Rs. 2500/- per month for boys.

 (b)   Rs. 3000/- per month for girls.



Serious diseases Grant from Armed Forces Flag Day (AFFD) Fund to Non Pensioners ESM of all Ranks:-



Serious Diseases as listed below: -

Angioplasty, Angiography, CABG, Open Heart Surgery, Valve Replacement, Pacemaker Implant, Renal Implant, Prostate Surgery, Joint Replacement and Cerebral Stoke.


Other Diseases: Where more than Rs 1.00 Lac has been spent on treatment



    75%/90% of total    expenditure

    Officer and PBOR respectively

Upto Rs 1.25 Lac (max)





Dialysis and Cancer treatment

 75%/90% of total expenditure 

    Officer and PBOR respectively

Uptoa  max of Rs 75,000/- per FYonly.


All the schemes of DGR as mentioned in reply to part (a) of the question except ‘Management of CNG Stations’ and ‘Allotment of Mother Dairy Milk Booths and Fruit & Vegetable (Safal) shops in NCR’ are meant for all States/UTs.

All welfare schemes of KSB are meant for all States/UTs.

In addition to the above, details of schemes provided by State Government of Rajasthan is as follows:

  • Details of benefits given by the State Government of Rajasthan
  • Cash/Land/Annuity/Lump sum benefits to Gallantry Award Winners.
  • Reservation in allotment of industrial plots/sheds-2 percent, Salt plots-9 percent, Mines & Minerals -10 percent, National permit-10 percent and House sites-10 percent & Houses-2 percent, Milk vending Booths-on priority.
  • Maintenance grant of Rs.1,00,000/- Yearly to the 100% disabled Ex-servicemen (paraplegic / tetraplegic) at Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center (PRC), Kirkee.
  • Scholarship to 1,000 Meritorious Girls of Ex-Servicemen @ Rs. 100/- pm up to School level and Rs 500/- pm upto college level.
  • Financial Assistance to World War II Veterans and widows @ Rs 10,000/- pm who are not in receipt of any pension.
  • Reservation of 1% in Medical colleges, 3% seats in Engineering colleges, 5% seats in polytechnic and B.Ed courses and each ITI for wards of Ex-Servicemen. 
  • Provision of residential plots to Ex-Servicemen at village Panchayats.
  • Priority in allotment of house-sites and constructed houses, 10 percent reservation of plots and 2 percent of flats for widows and Ex-Servicemen.
  • Rent Control act and land tenancy act have been amended to facilitate resumption of land/houses by Ex-Servicemen.
  • Exemption from payment of Municipal Tax on houses of Ex-Servicemen, widows and their minor children who are not income tax payee.
  • Allotment of Barani or Sivaichak land upto 10 acres to Ex-Servicemen/Serving soldiers.
  • Dual Family Pension in the second service of the ESM.
  • State Govt has established Rajasthan Ex-Servicemen Corporation Limited (REXCO) for employment of ex-servicemen in Govt establishments on contractual basis.
  • One time lump sum grant of Rs 20,000/- to Tetra Pelagic/Paraplegic Ex-servicemen.
  • War Widow Hostel and Rehabilitation Centre- 03 War widow hostels cum rehabilitation centres are functioning at Jaipur, Jhunjhunu, Sikar and girls hostel in Kota in the State. New War Widow Hostel under construction in Jodhpur.
  • Facilities for War Widows and children


  1. Rs. 25 Lac (Out of this amount Rs. 5 Lac immediate Relief) and 25 bighas land in Indira Gandhi Nahar Pariyojana (IGNP) would be given to the widows.




  1. Rs 25 Lac (Out of this amount Rs. 5 Lac immediate Relief) and MIG Housing Board House.


  1. Rs. 50 Lacs (Out of this amount Rs. 5 Lac immediate Relief).
  2. Parents of the deceased to be given Rs.3.00 Lac fixed deposit in Post Office in monthly income schemes.
  3. School going children to get Rs. 1,800/- as scholarship per year and      Rs. 3,600/- for students of college, Technical, Medical, Engineering. This scholarship will be given by Education Department and Free education for children in Government school, College, Technical Education, Medical & Engineering.
  4. Employment to be provided to widow or her son or unmarried daughter (upto Level 10) with a right to be exercised by the widow to keep her option for employment open till the child grows and becomes eligible for service.
  5. A school/ Dispensary/ Hospital/ Panchayat Bhawan/ Roads/ Park/ Public Places will be re-named on the name of the martyr soldier.
  6. Free Roadways pass will be issued for widow and dependent children.   
  7. Issue Special I Card to War Widows for regards to be in govt. office.


  • Facilities for War Disabled ex-servicemen
  1. Rs. 5 Lac cash and 25 Bighas of land or 30 Lacs Cash
  2. For permanently incapacitated battle casualties employment would also be provided to himself or a dependent upto level 10.


  • Facilities from Amalgamated Fund
  1. Scholarship- Rs. 3,000/- yearly for 11th and 12th classes and Rs. 5,000/- yearly for higher education and Rs 8,000/- Yearly for Technical and Medical Education.
  2. Marriage Grant - Rs. 15,000/- per daughter.
  3. Immediately Relief Rs 1,000/- One time.
  4. Rs. 5,000/- given to student for coaching who pass in National Defence Academy (NDA) / Combined Defence Services (CDS) / Officers Training Academy (OTA).
  5. Stipend of Rs. 3,000/- yearly to Ex-Servicemen trainees in ITIs.
  6. Stipend of Rs. 900/- per month to permanent disabled ex-servicemen trainees in Quality Assurance Manager in Training (QMIT).    

All the schemes mentioned in reply to part (a) of the question except ‘Tipper Attachment Scheme for War Widows and Disabled Soldiers’, which is only for War Widows and disabled soldiers having 50% or more disability and ‘Allotment of Regular LPG Distributorship and Retail Outlet Dealership (Petrol/Diesel)’ which also includes widows and dependents of ESM, are exclusively for ESM.

DGR compiles data regarding implementation of reservation policy for Ex-servicemen in Central Government Ministries/Departments, Nationalized Banks/Financial Institutions, Central Public Sector Enterprises(CPSEs) and Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) on half years basis. Details of percentage of ESM re-employed in such Departments as per information available as on 31st December 2019 is as under:





Sl. No.


Name of Organisation


Classification of posts


Overall strength &  percentage as on 31st December, 2019

Overall strength




Central Govt Deptts

Central Govt Depts Group ‘C’




Central Govt Depts Group ‘D’






PSUs Group   ‘C’




PSUs Group ‘D’






Banks Group ‘C’




Banks Group ‘D’






CAPF Group ‘A’




CAPF Group ‘B’




CAPF Group ‘C’




CAPF Group ‘D’





Group ‘A’




Group ‘B’




Group ‘C’




Group ‘D’









Data regarding employment of nonex-servicemen against vacancies reserved for ex-servicemen is not compiled.

DGR Schemes are based on requisitions from user Departments and sponsorship is made once such vacancies are released to DGR and they are utilized in totality.

Low employment rate of ex-servicemen in jobs is mainly due to not possessing National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) qualification which is an essential qualification for technical posts and inadequate preparation by ESM for the competitive selection process in recruiting agencies which is totally academic.

This information was given by Raksha Rajya Mantri Shri Shripad Naik in a written reply to Col Rajyavardhan Rathore in Lok Sabha today.




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