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Posted On: 10 JUN 2020 4:05PM by PIB Chennai

Solar electric fence system for farm lands is being encouraged in Tamil Nadu and Rs 3 crore subsidies is alloted under National Agriculture development Scheme   during the fiscal 2020-21. Farmers always had to struggle against vagaries of nature as well as attack from wild animals as well as pests which affect their crops. Wild animals like elephants, wild boars, monkeys and birds like peacocks can destroy crops causing heavy losses to farmers.

The solar perimeter security electric fence system can protect crops of farmers from damages due to animals. When an animal comes into contact with the fence it gets short but not lethal electric shock. It acts as a psychological barrier for the animal from intruding into the field and helps in preventing losses.

In Tiruchirapalli farmers are offered 50 per cent subsidy to set up solar electric fencing to prevent encroachment of animals into fields. The subsidy is given under National Agriculture development programme. Farmers can install five lines, seven lines or ten line solar fencing according to their requirements. For solar fencing of five lines Rs 250 per metre, for seven lines Rs 350 per metre, and for ten lines Rs 450 per metre will be needed approximately. In Ariyalur, agriculture officials said that for individual farmers, maximum subsidy will be given for 2 hectares or to make fencing for 1,245 metres. The officials said that 50 per cent subsidy upto a maximum of Rs 2 lakh 18,000 will be given as subsidy to install solar fencing. Farmers should approach Agriculture engineering department of their respective districts to get the subsidy. In Karur, farmers can approach agriculture executive engineers to set up solar electric fences. Farmers from Karur, Thanthoni, Aravankurichi, MP Aramathi should contact Karur assistant executive engineers agriculture office for details. Farmers from KulithalaiKrishnarayapuramKadavurThogamalai should contact Kulithali office to get subsidy.

Shri Manimuthu solar system beneficiary said, solar energy is being used now as it is environment friendly and cost effective. He said that solar fences are being set up in Coimbatore Nilgiris and many other districts bordering Western Ghats. Shri Shanmugham electrician said the solar panel converts light into electricity and transfers it to battery for storage. The battery stores the power generated by solar panel and supplies to energiser. The energiser converts low voltage into required voltage current sent to electric fence to keep away wild animals without harming them.

The conflict between wild animals and human beings are time immemorial. This has led to the brutal killing of pregnant elephant in Kerala which shocked human conscience. There were reactions all over against killing of wild animals with explosive chemicals mixed with food. Solar fence will be a less lethal alternative to keep away wild animals from destroying fields and save farmers. Government is helping farmers to save their crops from attacks by wild animals by giving subsidy to set up such protection system.

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