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Posted On: 21 MAY 2020 5:39PM by PIB Chennai

Union Finance Minister Smt.Nirmala Sitharaman had announced that Manodarpan is being launched for the psychological well being of students, family members and teachers during the time of covid 19 pandemic. Manodarpan initiative provides psychological counselling through website, toll free helpline,  national directory of counsellors and through  interactive chat platform. Covid 19 lockdown had led to extended vacation for students and forced close down of schools and colleges. Thanks to social media,  younger generation are getting all kind of information instantly and they really need guidance to select the right ones. Covid 19 pandemic has created panic in certain areas where there is spike in number of patients and in other places,  people take it lightly. Children are affected by long vacation as they will get their academic year extended. Many board exams have been postponed. There was uncertainty and when all of a sudden,  board exams are announced,  students get tensed up. They really need counselling and parents have important role in calming them down. 

Manodarpan has been welcomed by wide sector of people including teachers and psychological counsellors.  Smt Chitra a school teacher welcomed government move to give psychological counselling to students and teachers. She said as we are confined at our homes,  maximum time is being eaten by games, movies and other activities with our gadgets. Since most of our time we are  locked at home we lack natural light from outside. This interferes the circadian rhythm of our body which may lead to insomnia and depression. She advises to make a time table listing what to do before and after ordinary chores to overcome stress. The patience and self control we adapt in our activities in this crucial time can make us feel more relaxed and so that we can plan for betterment of the future.

A Maheswari, district Psychiatric Counsellor,  District mental health programme,  Karur  stresses the importance of psychiatric counselling for children to tide over thr  pandemic crisis period. She gives counselling to public and students and has addressed many outreach programmes with Field outreach Bureau Tiruchirapalli. She says that wellness means physical health and mental health and so importance should be given to relaxation of mind also. Not many persons give the same importance to mental health as they give to physical  health. They get tensed up and get stressed thinking about many matters that give unnecessary pressure. Counselling will definitely help students and parents from relieving exam pressure. Parents get tensed up as children nowadays are addicted to mobile games. Children should be encouraged to play games both indoor and outdoor and this would give them relaxation of mind. Yoga is one of the best form of mental relaxation and physical strength. PM Narendra Modi has sent the message of importance of Yoga to the world especially amongst youngsters in strengthening mind and body. Accepting the request of our Prime Minister  Modi, UN passed resolution in 2014 to celebrate June 21 as International Yoga day.  Yoga master of Vivekananda Yoga Centre Srirangam Dr T Santhana Krishnan says that yoga is very important in day to day life. He says yoga asanas including Utkutasana, Suryanamaskaram,  pranayama can be performed regularly and will ensure mental and physical strength. Sharmila housewife says that Manodarpan is a welcome move by the government. Parents really need counselling as they get tensed up more than children during exams. Teachers are doing wonderful job in imparting knowledge and discipline to students. Now during lockdown it has become very difficult to take care of children alongwith household chores. Manodarpan is definitely going to help children as well as their parents in facing tense situation in life including covid 19 pandemic induced lockdown and its effects on academics.

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