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Group Workshed Scheme for Powerloom Sector

Posted On: 12 JUL 2019 4:17PM by PIB Delhi

The Government is implementing Group Work shed Scheme for Power loom sector under Power Tex India which is in operation since 2017 on pan India basis.  The objective and scope of the scheme are as under:

Objective: - To establish Group Work sheds for installation of modern looms in an existing or new cluster, which will provide required scale of economies for business operations and to organize power loom units in a cluster and to provide improved working condition in terms of more space, work environment, improve the work efficiency to enhance their competitiveness in the global market.


Scope of the Scheme:

The Work sheds under the scheme include the space required for installation of Modern Shuttle-less Looms, Weaving Preparatory such as Warping, Sizing, Twisting (Two-for-one Twister and Three-for-one Twister), Texturizing, Testing Laboratory & Common Facilities such as Sample Display Room and construction of Dormitory.

The eligible area under the Group Work shed Scheme would be restricted to maximum 400 sq.ft. per loom which is the requirement for working of a shuttle less loom, including raw material storage, grey fabric storage, Stores and spare parts storage, grey fabric mending / folding and packing, beam gaiting and administration/utilities/workers amenities etc. Beneficiaries can have area of bigger size with their own contribution.    

The beneficiary will be eligible for infrastructure benefit i.e., internal road to the extent of 10% of eligible expenditure (as per the scheduled of rates of CPWD/State PWD) towards construction of internal roads provided the total number of sheds is 4 (four) and above and at least one of the sheds is proposed to house weaving preparatory equipment with or without Shuttle less looms.

The additional benefit in terms of space/area will be provided for Weaving Preparatory such as Warping, Sizing, twisting (Two-for-one Twister and Three-for-one Twister), Texturising, Testing Laboratory and Common Facilities such as Sample Display room up to a maximum of 40% of total loom-age area.

The Government has launched Power Tex India, a comprehensive scheme for Power loom sector development with effect from 01.04.2017 to 31.03.2020, modifying the old Group Work shed Scheme under Integrated Scheme for Power-loom Sector Schemes (ISPSD) which was in operation from 1.4.2012 to 31.03.2017.  The comparative statement is at Annexure.

The eligibility criteria to avail the facilities under this scheme are as follows:

Eligible beneficiaries would include weaver(s) and entrepreneur(s) associated with power loom units, including master weaver(s), registered co-operative societies of power loom weavers or any new entrepreneur(s) individually or in-group.

Group will consist of at least 4 weavers / entrepreneur(s) having separate legal entity. At least 24 numbers of shuttle less looms of width up to 230 cms (or) 16 nos. of shuttle less looms of wider width i.e. 230 cms and above are to be installed in the Work shed. Each beneficiary should have at least 4 number of Looms.

Group applications will be entertained. However, where sufficient beneficiaries are available, the subsidy will be restricted to one representative of a family only in the group.

Power loom unit would include weaving preparatory such as Warping, Sizing, Twisting (Two-for-one Twister and Three-for-one Twister), Texturising, Testing Laboratory and Common Facilities such as Sample Display room` including stand-alone unit.

Only TUFS compatible machines are to be installed in the projects sanctioned under the Scheme. However, prior approval of TUFS subsidy need not be a pre-condition.

The scheme does not envisage more than 500 looms under one project proposal.

This information was given by the Union Minister of Textiles, Smriti Zubin Irani, in a written reply in the Lok Sabha today.




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