Ministry of Textiles

Hank Yarn Packing Provisions Amended

Posted On: 07 MAR 2019 7:23PM by PIB Delhi

Union Ministry of Textiles has amended hank yarn packing notification No. 2/TDRO/8/2003 dated 17.4.2013 read with amendment Notifications No.4/TDRO/8/2010 dated 31.3.2010, No. 5/TDRO/8/2015 dated 2.9.2015 and No.6/TDRO/8/2015 dated 25.5/2018.

Now every producer of yarn who packs yarn for civil consumption will pack yarn in hank form in each quarterly period commencing from January-March 2019 and every subsequent quarterly period, in proportion of not less than 30% of total yarn packed by him during each quarterly period for civil consumption. However, not less than 80% of the yarn required to be packed in hank form shall be of counts 80s and below.

Previously, this proportion was 40% of total yarn packed.

This notification will come into effect from 1st January, 2019.





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