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English rendering of PM’s address at the release of the book titled 'Selected Speeches of the President (Vol 4)'

Posted On: 24 JUL 2017 10:40PM by PIB Delhi

Respected Mr. President ShrimanPranab Mukherjee Ji, President Elect ShrimanRamnath Kovind Ji, Respected Mr. Vice President and all the dignitaries present on the occasion, This is a moment filled with mixed emotions. This is the last day of the tenure of Pranab Da in the President House. And when I’m standing here on this occasion then it is quite natural that many memories will cross my mind. We are very well familiar with his work and his personality. But humans have some natural tendencies and it’s quite natural thatthey cannot resist the temptation of assessing the present as per their past. It’s very natural to compare every event, every decision, and every initiative with your own tenure. However, it was bit surprising during my three years’ tenure that he had been there in the government for several years, he had been there in the capacity of decision makers but he never compared any decision of the present government with his past and neither he assessed them in that light; he assessed everything in the context of the present and I think he has been primarily recognized for this thing. 

The government used to take several initiatives, and I was fortunate to meet him and have a candid discussion with him every time. And heused tolisten everything very carefully. And if there was a scope for improvement then he used to give his suggestions; most of the time he provided encouragement. So in a way his role as a President was like a guardian, like a fatherly figure, it was above rules and regulation, it was above the traditional role, it was with love and affinity and his guidance was like a father figure in our country’s family life. A new person like me who had no experience of these things; I came here after working in a state, it was due to him that I got his help in understanding these things, in taking the decisions. And due to that thing we were able to accomplish several important things in the last three years. 

Plenty of knowledge, easy going attitude and humble nature, these things attract anyone. However, both of us have been raised in different ideologies, in different work cultures. There is a huge difference between him and me even in case of experience. However, he never made me feel these things. And he said one thing: ‘See, it was a different time when I was elected President; today, I’m President but the democracy tells us that the people of this country have reposed their faith in you and it’s your responsibility that you discharge your duties in a proper manner. The office of President, President House, and Pranab Mukherjee himself will help you in every possible manner.’ 

It was a very big support in itself, it was a big support and so I’m extremely grateful to Mr. President for this. 

And I’m confident that the role played by him in molding me for such a big responsibility and it is going to be of great help to me in the future. I feel this thing myself that everything said by him will be like a guiding principle in my life. And perhaps, everyone who has worked with him would have got the same opportunity. It’s an invaluable gift to me from his side, that gift is an invaluable personal capital for me and I’m also thankful to him for this thing. 

Today, several reports etc. have been submitted here. Converting the President House into the People’s House; it only became possible as Pranab Da was connected to the roots, he emerged from among the people, he carried on his political journey amongst the people, due to all these things he didn’t have to read this thing in a book that what is the people’s power, what arethe feelings of the people. He was able to relate with these things and he also tried to implement these things and that is why President House could become People’s House and its doors were opened for common man. 

He himself has been a student of history. And I’ve seen this thing myself that every event of history is on his finger tips and if someone mentions something then he tells about that thing date wise. But he also knew that how to take forward this knowledge, how to take forward this importance of history and as OmitaJi thoroughly explained this thing just a while ago that an invaluable treasure of history has been created in the President House during his tenure. And I can say this thing, be it the trees of this place or be it the birds or be it the stones of this place, everything has its own uniqueness, its own history and now all these things are available in books. 

This great thing has been accomplished here. And I heartily congratulate him and his entire team for this thing. Once again I convey my best wishes to Pranab Da for a long life and I’m confident that his such a long experience will continue to guide, will continue to oblige people like me at a personal level and naturally to the country as well in his new inning. And once again I thank you all with my best wishes. 



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