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  • 155.39 cr vaccine doses have been administered so far under Nationwide Vaccination Drive
  • India's Active caseload currently stands at 12,72,073
  • Active cases stand at 3.48%
  • Recovery Rate currently at 95.20%
  • 1,09,345 recoveries in the last 24 hours increases Total Recoveries to 3,48,24,706
  • 2,64,202 new cases recorded in the last 24 hours
  • 5,753 Total Omicron cases detected so far; an increase of 4.83% since yesterday
  • Daily positivity rate (14.78%)
  • Weekly Positivity Rate (11.83%)
  • 69.90 cr Total Tests conducted so far; 17,87,457 tests conducted in the last 24 hours

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India’s Cumulative COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage exceeds 155.39 Cr

More than 73 lakh Vaccine Doses administered in the last 24 hours

Recovery Rate currently at 95.20%

2,64,202 New Cases reported in the last 24 hours

5,753 Total Omicron cases detected so far; an increase of 4.83% since yesterday

India's Active Caseload currently stands at 12,72,073

Weekly Positivity Rate is presently at 11.83%


With the administration of over 73 lakh Doses (73,08,669) vaccine doses in the last 24 hours, India’s COVID-19 vaccination coverage has exceeded 155.39 Cr (1,55,39,81,819) as per provisional reports till 7 am today.

This has been achieved through 1,66,59,387 sessions. The break-up of the cumulative figure as per the provisional report till 7 am today include:


Cumulative Vaccine Dose Coverage


1st Dose


2nd Dose


Precaution Dose



1st Dose


2nd Dose


Precaution Dose


Age Group 15-18 years

1st Dose


Age Group 18-44 years

1st Dose


2nd Dose


Age Group 45-59 years

1st Dose


2nd Dose


Over 60 years

1st Dose


2nd Dose


Precaution Dose


Precaution Dose





1,09,345 patients have recovered in the last 24 hours and the cumulative tally of recovered patients (since the beginning of the pandemic) is now at 3,48,24,706.

Consequently, India’s recovery rate stands at 95.20%.

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2,64,202 new cases were reported in the last 24 hours.

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India’s Active Case load is presently at 12,72,073. Active cases constitute 3.48% of the country's total Positive Cases.

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The testing capacity across the country continues to be expanded. The last 24 hours saw a total of 17,87,457 tests being conducted. India has so far conducted over 69.90 Cr (69,90,99,084) cumulative tests.

While testing capacity has been enhanced across the country, Weekly Positivity Rate in the country currently stands at 11.83% and the Daily Positivity rate also reported to be 14.78%.

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Update on COVID-19 Vaccine Availability in States/UTs

More than 157.50 Crore vaccine doses provided to States/UTs

More than 15.17 Crore balance and unutilized vaccine doses still available with States/UTs


The Union Government is committed to accelerating the pace and expanding the scope of COVID-19 vaccination throughout the country. The nationwide COVID 19 vaccination started on 16th January 2021. The new phase of universalization of COVID-19 vaccination commenced from 21st June 2021. The vaccination drive has been ramped up through availability of more vaccines, advance visibility of vaccine availability to States and UTs for enabling better planning by them, and streamlining the vaccine supply chain.

As part of the nationwide vaccination drive, Government of India has been supporting the States and UTs by providing them COVID Vaccines free of cost. In the new phase of the universalization of the COVID19 vaccination drive, the Union Government will procure and supply (free of cost) 75% of the vaccines being produced by the vaccine manufacturers in the country to States and UTs.





(As on 14th  January, 2022)





More than 157.50 crore (1,57,50,62,435) vaccine doses have been provided to States/UTs so far through Govt. of India (free of cost channel) and through direct state procurement category.

More than 15.17 Cr (15,17,25,871) balance and unutilized COVID Vaccine doses are still available with the States/UTs to be administered.



COVID-19 Myth vs Facts

Media reports claiming under-reporting of COVID-19 deaths are Ill informed, Baseless & Misleading

India has a Robust system of Birth & Death reporting as per a Statute across the Gram Panchayat district and State levels

A large number of States have regularly reconciled their death numbers and have reported arrear deaths in a broadly transparent manner


There have been some media reports alleging a ‘significant undercount’ of the actual number of people who have died in India due to COVID-19 in the first two waves, claiming that the final toll may be ‘substantially greater’ crossing the figures of about three million.

Government of India has a very comprehensive definition to classify COVID deaths, based on globally acceptable categorisation. All deaths are being independently reported by States, and are being compiled centrally. The backlog in COVID19 mortality data being submitted by the States at different times are being reconciled in the data of Govt of India on a regular basis. A large number of States have regularly reconciled their death numbers and have reported arrear deaths in a broadly transparent manner. Therefore, to project that deaths have been under-reported is without basis and without justification.

It is clarified that there is an extreme difference in COVID case load and linked mortality between Indian States. Any assumptions putting all States in one envelope would mean mapping skewed data of outliers together with States reporting lowest mortality which is bound to stretch the median towards higher and wrong results.

For details: - https://www.pib.gov.in/PressReleasePage.aspx?PRID=1789899

COVID-19 Myth vs Facts

Media Reports stating vaccine shortage in Maharashtra are not factually correct; Do not represent the True picture of Available stock of vaccine doses with the State

Maharashtra has over 24 lakh Unutilized doses of Covaxin available with it; an additional 6.35 lakh doses have been received today


There have been some media reports alleging vaccine shortage in Maharashtra, further stating that due to lack of vaccine the State Government is unable to increase the pace of vaccination in the state. Such reports are ill informed and incorrect.

It is clarified that, as per the reports available today (14th January 2022), Maharashtra has over 24 lakh unutilized doses of Covaxin available with it. An additional 6.35 lakh doses have been received today. As per their weekly consumption data available on Co-WIN, the average consumption by Maharashtra for Covaxin to cover the eligible beneficiaries for 15-17 years and for precaution dose is almost 2.94 lakh doses per day. Therefore, the State has adequate vaccine doses for about 10 days to cover the eligible beneficiaries with Covaxin.

Furthermore, for Covishield, the state has 1.24 crore unutilized and balance doses available as on date. With an average consumption of 3.57 lakhs per day, this will sustain for more than 30 days for the beneficiaries to be vaccinated using the vaccine.

Hence, the media reports are not factually correct and do not reflect the correct picture of the available stock of balance and unutilized COVID vaccine doses with Maharashtra.



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