Ministry of Communications 02-March, 2005 12:49 IST
C-DOT and Vanu Inc. enter into strategic partnership to focus on Rural Communication needs
The Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) and the Cambridge-based Vanu Inc., a leading developer of software radio solutions have entered into partnership to introduce, on experimental basis, the latter’s Anywave Software Radio GSM Base Station technology as an integral component in wireless access and broadband solutions for the rural India’s communication needs. Vanu Inc., is the developer of the Anywave Base Station, the world’s first U.S. Federal Communications Commission Certified Software radio. The partnership will focus on extending C-DOT’s rural network infrastructure solution to provide wireless capability through Vanu’s software radio approach to wireless communications. Initial trials will focus on GSM and the future commercial deployments of the integrated solution will be focused on leveraging the multi-mode capability of the Anywave Base Station technology. Vanu’s Anywave Base Station consists of a Base Station Transceiver (BTS) and a Base Station Controller (BSC), each with software radio application running on off-the-shelf components: a wide band transceiver, an analogue-to-digital converter and an industry-standard server. The architecture is compatible with a range of rural back-haul transport options being developed by C-DOT.

Presently India is considered to be the fastest growing market for cellular adoption. According to a recent survey, wireless subscriber growth in India will be more than double over the next 24 months as growth in China declines, paving the way for wireless expansion in other countries and rural areas. C-DOT has the track record for deploying and supporting rural landline systems in more than 30,000 Indian villages. The partnership will further extend C-DOT’s existing infrastructure and accelerate the deployment of the advanced wireless applications in India.

Since C-DOT is committed to development of cost-effective rural telecom solutions, Vanu’s software radio approach is considered to be ideal due to its flexibility, ability to support multiple standards and remote management capabilities. This partnership in the future will enable development of low-cost, field proven rural solutions for users of C-DOT exchanges in other countries as well.

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