Ministry of Commerce & Industry03-May, 2016 18:04 IST
Minister of State (I/C) for Commerce and Industry Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman launches EXIM Analytics Dashboard


            As part of the initiative of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry to provide easy access to the public on export and import trends of India the Minister of State for Commerce & Industry (I/C) Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman launched here today a dashboard on EXIM Analytics. This is a portal developed by the Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics, at the instance of the Ministry.


These simple to use Analytics Dashboards would facilitate the general public to have an accurate perspective on the facts around the trade performance of India. This endeavor of the Ministry is also in tune with the principle of “Government at the doorstep”.


Given the high priority accorded to Transparency in Governance by the new Government, the dashboard on export – import will enable small and upcoming businessmen to foray into global trade based on reliable information directly accessible through Government sources.

EXIM Analytics represents data graphically exposing patterns, trends and correlations that might go undetected in text-based data. The dashboard gives a graphical collection of exports and imports from India; e.g., the Export turnover of the country – how it performs over time? What are the export destinations? What items are being exported? Which are the ports – inland, sea or airports from which the exports are taking place?

The user friendly Dashboard developed by the Ministry enables the user to interactively query the information to investigate facts at more detailed level;  e.g.  starting from the first insight of overall exports in a fiscal year, user can proceed to query what are the top commodities being exported to a particular market, say, USA and then choose a specific commodity, look at its trend, from which ports it is being exported and so on.


The EXIM Analytics dashboard launched today enables analysis of trade information of India relating to: Export Overview: provides analysis of data by time period, export destinations and ports of export. Import Overview:  provides analysis of data by time period, countries of Import and ports of import. Balance of Trade: The Balance of Trade (BOT) can be analysed over time periods for different Regions, Countries and Ports.

The data for analysis is presented as a month’s aggregate at its lowest granularity, namely, at the level of country, commodity, port etc. Presently Monthly data from April 2014 till January 2016 has been provided. Progressively additional dashboards and data for older period will be added. 



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