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Government of India
Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs
28-August-2012 16:38 IST
Housing Facility by DDA
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The Delhi Development Authority has been striving to provide adequate housing for all and in the process have generated housing facilities for more than one million families as per details given below:

              (i) Dwelling Units on DDA plots by

                     Private individuals                                     ….2.5 lakh


              (ii) Dwelling Units in Joghi Jopri

                     (JJ) resettlement colonies                       ….2.4 lakh


              (iii) Flats allotted by the DDA                        ….3.94 lakh


              (iv) Dwelling Units constructed

                    on plots allotted to Co-operative

                    Group Housing Society                               …2.00 lakh


              (v) Dwelling Units through

                     Rohini plotted housing scheme           ….  0.85 lakh


                                                          Total =         11.69 lakh



This information was given by the Minister of State for Urban Development Shri Saugata Roy in a written reply to a question in Lok Sabha today.


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